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Vampire Royals 7: The Uprising

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Leigh Walker

Vampire Royals 7: The Uprising

Paperback (Independently published April 20, 2020)

I’m the Beauty. He’s the Beast. So why can’t I stop thinking about him?

There’s unrest in the Realm. The werewolves feel uneasy—Rhys refuses to take action against their enemies until he settles his personal matters. There are three women remaining in the audition to be his queen. He has his sights set on one of them, but she’s incredibly stubborn…

Tamara has just about had it with this “audition” business—it’s no contest and she knows it! But Rhys insists on doing things the proper way. She insists she’s too good for him. But when danger strikes close to home and the werewolf leader is forced to defend his claim, her feelings get more complicated. With peril at every turn, Tamara must face her toughest opponent yet: her own heart.

Vampire Royals (Book 7)
/ 9798637207107
12.5 oz.
5.2 x 0.6 in.

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