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Positive Messages for Kids at All Grades

Non-Fiction Collections

Best series for young readers

Series written by the same author(s) are one of the best ways to develop a pleasure and love of reading. Series offer complexity and richness while keeping children interested. They build up confidence.

46 Books
Best Series for 1st Graders
47 Books
Best Series for 2nd Graders
51 Books
Best Series for 3rd Graders
48 Books
Book Series for 4th Graders
56 Books
Book Series for 5th Graders
55 Books
Book Series for 6th Graders

eBook Deals (up to $3) on Amazon for different grades

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Learning is never gonna stop!

15 Books
[Grades PK-K] eBook Deals (up …
32 Books
[Grades 1-2] eBook Deals (up …
26 Books
[Grades 3-4] eBook Deals (up …
22 Books
[Grades 5-6] eBook Deals (up …
24 Books
[Grades 6+] eBook Deals (up …

John Newbery Medal and Honor Books

John Newbery Medal is for the most outstanding contribution to children's literature. They are highly recommended by teachers for middle-graders. We have compiled all John Newbery Medal and Honor Books here for you.

5 Books
2020 John Newbery Medal & …
43 Books
Newbery Medal (2000-2009)
35 Books
Newbery Medal (1980-1989)
35 Books
Newbery Medal (1970-1979)
36 Books
Newbery Medal Books (1960-1969)
44 Books
Newbery Medal (1950-1959)
44 Books
Newbery Medal (1940-1949)
38 Books
Newbery Medal (1930-1939)
17 Books
Newbery Medal (1920-1929)

Caldecott Medal and Honor Books

The Randolph Caldecott Medal annually recognizes the preceding year's "most distinguished American picture book for children", beginning with 1937 publications. The Caldecott and Newbery Medals are the most prestigious American children's book awards.

Caldecott Medal Winners and Honors Books in the order of award years.

4 Books
2020 Caldecott Medal & Honor …
43 Books
Caldecott Medal (2010-2019)
42 Books
Caldecott Medal (2000-2009)
42 Books
Caldecott Medal (1990-1999)
30 Books
Caldecott Medal (1980-1989)
47 Books
Caldecott Medal (1970-1979)
31 Books
Caldecott Medal (1960-1969)
46 Books
Caldecott Medal (1950-1959)
41 Books
Caldecott Medal (1940-1949)
8 Books
Caldecott Medal (1930-1939)

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