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[Grades: 5-6] Back to School Books

Everyone is a wonder.Reading Level: R-V

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Back-to-School Books (2nd)

Be kind, be brave, be curious and be happy!Reading level: I-M

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[Grades: 1-2] Back-to-School Books

Everyone needs to shine, no one is invisible, not even the Invisible Boy!

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[Grades: 3-4] Back-to-School Books

Wanda said she had 100 dresses, but no one believed her. How to treat our friends? It's school time, and let's read and find out!Reading level: O-S

18 Books

Back-to-School (1st)

Back to school season is right there! What if I am scared of leaving home? What if I am scared of meeting new classmates? What if I am scared of a new teacher?Reading Level: F-I