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Vampire Royals 8: The Crown

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Leigh Walker

Vampire Royals 8: The Crown

Paperback (Independently published April 20, 2020)

Does true love conquer all?

After a vicious attack, the werewolves are anxious. The rebels might be coming for the Realm--and then there's the vampire king they've pledged their loyalty to all these years. Still, the show must go on. The Realm: The Bachelor King is about to wrap. Three women remain in the contest, and King Rhys must choose his bride. But with danger all around, will the werewolf king actually make it to the altar?

Tamara Layne has survived two dating competitions: one with the vampires, one with the wolves. But now, faced with the end of the contest and a fight for the werewolf lands, she must face her biggest challenge--knowing her true heart and risking everything to be with the werewolf she loves.

Vampire Royals (Book 8)
/ 9798637094158
13.6 oz.
5.2 x 0.7 in.

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