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Scarlett Haven

Ever After

language ( April 13, 2020)
I'm Phoenix Black.
My life was pretty normal up to this point. You know, aside from having rich parents, but trust me when I say, living in the upper 1% isn't as fun as it sounds.
After my dad got elected to congress, a group of terrorists are threatening my life. My parents send me to the one place they think I will be safe... prep school, AKA prison.
At East Raven Academy, it's all about tradition and upholding standards... oh, who am I kidding? It's a shark tank. And me? I'm fresh meat.
Welcome to the upper east cost.

This is book 1 of 4 in the East Raven Academy Series. It is a full length, 65k+ word novel. It is a slow burn, fast paced, action packed, clean, YA, mystery, spy, academy romance.

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