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Scarlett Haven

Vampire School

I wonder if this small Floridian beach town would be nearly as popular if they knew the truth about who attends this school, or rather what attends.Elite Academy.It sounds rather pretentious, doesn’t it? I suppose the school is what the name implies—only the elite are allowed.I live in a world where it matters if you were born vampire or bitten vampire. The bitten are treated as outcasts, while the born rule.Being fifteenth in line for the throne means I don’t have a choice. I am forced to go to school here and study what my uncle, the king, sees fit.Too bad I have a crush on two of my teachers.Nobody said university was going to be easy—I just didn’t think it would be deadly.Vampire School is the first book in the Elite Academy Series. It is a Reverse Harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, young adult/ new adult (YA/ NA) paranormal romance.This series follows Everleigh, an eighteen-year-old from a royal line of vampires, through her freshman year of university at Vampire School. Her story takes place in a world filled with shifters and many other supernatural creatures. MORE IN THIS SERIES:Prequel: Mystic AcademyBook 1: Vampire SchoolBook 2: Vampire Born (coming soon)Book 3: Vampire Made (coming soon)Book 4: Vampire Scorned (coming soon)Book 5: Vampire Eternal (coming soon)SERIES IN THIS WORLD:Shifter AcademyDragon Shifter AcademyTiger Shifter ChroniclesShifter Academy: UnitedElite AcademyElemental AcademyShifter High

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