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Scarlett Haven

The Unwanted Spy

language ( June 5, 2020)
They'll do whatever it takes to get me to leave. I'll do whatever it takes to stay.

There are Spy School agents, and there are Spy School Royals. My family, we’re The Royals.
I am fifth generation Spy School, the best of the best. My family started training me while I was still in the womb. Yet, despite all the training, I’m still a disappointment to them. Not good enough, not smart enough, not fast enough, and definitely not strong enough.
Even The Royals don’t think think I’m good enough, but I’ll show them. I’ll prove to everybody that I’m not as weak as they think I am.

The Unwanted Spy is book 1 in the Spy Academy: The Royals Series.

This is a complete, full length, 80k+ word novel. While there are lots of guys in this story, it is NOT RH. It is a slow burn, fast paced, action packed, clean, YA, mystery, spy romance.

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