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Scarlett Haven


My whole life, I’ve known there’s something different about me. I didn’t realize how different until four guys show up all claiming that they are destined to be my mates.They’re not human, and they say I’m not either.But if I’m not human then what am I?Now I’m forced to go to a school where I don’t belong and am reminded of it everyday.Creatures I never imagined were real that used to give me nightmares are everywhere I turn.The world that once existed is gone.Will anything ever be like it was again?Different is the first book in the Shifter Academy Trilogy. It is a slow burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, young adult (YA) paranormal romance.This story takes place in a world filled with different types of shifters, fae and many other supernatural creatures. MORE IN THIS SERIES:Book 1: DifferentBook 2: MonsterBook 3: HybridSERIES IN THIS WORLD:Shifter AcademyDragon Shifter AcademyTiger Shifter ChroniclesShifter Academy: UnitedElite AcademyElemental AcademyShifter High

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