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Scarlett Haven

Dragon Choice

Being the only girl in an all-boys school isn’t fun. Neither is accidentally setting your school on fire.It seems that now that I’ve learned how to control my succubus powers, I’m now having to learn how to control my dragon.To top it all off, we’re not getting attacked at the castle. Whoever this group is after me, they want me dead. They will stop at nothing to make sure I don’t become queen.I will be strong and I will fight. I will be the best leader these dragons have ever seen. Dragon Choice is the forth book in the Dragon Shifter Academy Series. It is a slow burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, new adult (NA), paranormal romance. This series takes place in a world with dragon shifters, succubus, incubus and other supernatural creatures.MORE IN THIS SERIES:Book 1: Dragon RoyaltyBook 2: Dragon EliteBook 3: Dragon GuardsBook 4: Dragon ChoiceBook 5: Dragon HeartsBook 6: Dragon Forever SERIES IN THIS WORLD:Shifter AcademyDragon Shifter AcademyTiger Shifter ChroniclesShifter Academy: UnitedElite AcademyElemental AcademyShifter High

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