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Scarlett Haven

My Dirty Secrets

I broke the number one rule I live by—no attachments. Suddenly, I find myself getting very attached to more than one guy at Spy School.Jaxon knows the truth now, but it doesn’t change anything. He still pushes me away.Everyday it gets harder, and harder to lie to my friends. I want to tell them who I really am.But what if I am trusting the wrong person?What if one of my new friends isn’t as innocent he seems to be?Things just got a whole lot more complicated. My Dirty Secrets is the second book in the Spy Academy Series. It is a fast burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, new adult (NA) spy romance.MORE IN THIS SERIES:Book 1: The Undercover LifeBook 2: My Dirty SecretsBook 3: If I Go RogueBook 4: The Secret IntelligenceBook 5: I'll Never Forget You MORE SERIES IN THIS WORLD:The Spy ChroniclesEast Raven AcademyAfter SpyThe Zara ChroniclesSpy Academy: The Royals (Coming Soon)

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