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Scarlett Haven
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Scarlett Haven


If I thought my mates were protective before, that’s nothing compared to how they are now.It’s for a good reason… somebody is after me, but we don’t know why.What am I?As I start developing more and more powers, the only thing we have is questions.Maybe these people are right to come after me and hunt me down?What if I’m a monster?Monster is the second book in the Shifter Academy Trilogy. It is a slow burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, young adult (YA) paranormal romance.This story takes place in a world filled with different types of shifters, fae and many other supernatural creatures. MORE IN THIS SERIES:Book 1: DifferentBook 2: MonsterBook 3: HybridSERIES IN THIS WORLD:Shifter AcademyDragon Shifter AcademyTiger Shifter ChroniclesShifter Academy: UnitedElite AcademyElemental AcademyShifter High

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