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  • A Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

    Maja Dusikova

    Calendar (North-South, Aug. 15, 2002)
    This sparkling Christmas Tree 3-D advent calendar makes for a wonderful addition to holiday decor. The calendar can stand on its own or hang flat against the wall.
  • The Little Christmas Tree

    Karl Ruhmann, Anne Moller

    Hardcover (North-South, July 1, 2003)
    A little fir tree grew at the edge of the forest. Behind it, the great pines towered, and an oak tree spread its shadow far and wide. Birds build their nests in the pines, squirrels eat the nuts and acorns. Children even build a tree house in the oak. But nobody things the fir tree is useful. It is just too little. The little tree hates being so small. Someday I'll show them, the fir tree thought. But it didn't know how. Then one day the snow begins to fall. Christmas is coming, and Christmas is a time of magical surprises - sometimes even for a little fir tree.
  • Hopper

    Marcus Pfister

    Paperback (North-South, Sept. 1, 1994)
    Even though he doesn't like the cold snow, Hopper, a little hare, enjoys playing with a friend and the adventure of searching for food with his mother.
  • Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!

    Marcus Pfister, J Alison James

    Board book (North-South Books, Sept. 4, 2018)
    A fresh new edition of this favorite board book! When a dangerous and hungry shark suddenly appears, Rainbow Fish must decide: Should he risk losing his new friends—maybe even his life—for the little stranger?
  • A Gift for the Christ Child

    Roberti A., Tina Jähnert, Alessandra Roberti

    Hardcover (North-South, Sept. 1, 2004)
    A heartwarming Nativity story with which the youngest listeners will identify. Miriam wishes with all her heart that she were bigger and more important, like her older brother, Malachai, who gets to do all kinds of jobs around the family's inn. one day, when the inn is bustling with visitors who have come to Bethlehem to be counted, Miriam gets her chance. Her mother asks her to lead a man and a young woman on a donkey down to the stable.Miriam takes her job very seriously. She knows it is important to find the safest path to the stable. Slowly, very slowly, she leads the way down the hill. And later that night, when Miriam shares in a miracle -- the birth of the Christ Child -- her own wish finally comes true.
  • Dream House, The

    Pirkko Vainio

    Hardcover (North-South, Sept. 1, 1997)
    Lucas has dreamed for years of building himself a perfect house, and now he has found just the place to build it, on a tiny island. First he builds a kitchen, then a bedroom above. He is having such fun that he doesn't want to stop, but the island is quite small. All Lucas can do is build up, one room on top of another, until finally he has a wonderful tower-house. But something is missing. Lucas needs help from stormy winds and friendly children to transform his tower-house into the home of his dreams.
  • Shoemaker Martin

    L. Tolstoy, B. Watts

    Paperback (North-South, Oct. 1, 1997)
    After showing kindness towards three strangers, a Russian shoemaker learns that Jesus visited him three times.
  • Wake Up, Dormouse, Santa Claus is Here

    Eleomore Schmid, Eleonore Schmid

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, Sept. 1, 1989)
    Gus the dormouse is determined to stay awake and see Santa Claus make his visit.
  • The Rainbow Fish Bath Book


    Paperback (NorthSouth, March 31, 2000)
    One of the best children's books....
  • Dreaming of a White Christmas Advent Calendar

    Maja Dusikova

    Calendar (North-South, )
  • Nicky and the Big, Bad Wolves

    Valeri Gorbachev

    Hardcover (North-South, April 1, 1998)
    When Nicky the rabbit awakens from a nightmare, his mother is right there to cut his fears down to size. Valeri Gorbachev's adorable illustrations turn Nicky's scary night into a rollicking, reassuring bedtime book that is just right for restless sleepers. Full color.
  • Dazzle the Dinosaur

    Marcus Pfister, J Alison James

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, Sept. 1, 1994)
    Dazzle's beautiful shining spines give him a special sparkle, and come in handy for scaring away the dreaded dragonsaurus.