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  • Over in the Meadow

    Olive A. Wadsworth, Anna Vojtech

    Hardcover (North-South Books, Feb. 1, 2002)
    ""Over in the Meadowin the sand in the sunLived an old mother turtleand her little turtle one.""So begins this classic nursery poem, written by Olive A Wadsworth in the late 19th century, a favorite counting rhyme for generations of children. Anna Vojtech's sweet illustrations depict a sun-drenched meadow filled with loving animal families-from mother turtle with her one baby to ten little beavers embraced by their doting mother. There are lots to count in the cleverly designed pictures, and sharp-eyed youngsters will delight in finding a corresponding number of background details on each spread.
  • Hopper

    Marcus Pfister

    Hardcover (North-South, April 1, 1991)
    Even though he doesn't like the cold snow, Hopper, a little hare, enjoys playing with a friend and the adventure of searching for food with his mother.
  • Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home!

    hans de Beer

    Hardcover (North-South, Sept. 1, 1996)
    In his earlier adventures, Lars, the little polar bear, has often been lost far from home, and each time, someone has helped him get back safely. Now, it's Lars's turn to help when a little tiger named Sasha finds himself lost and alone at the North Pole. Full color.
  • Andrew's Angry Words

    Tjong-King, D. Lachner

    Hardcover (North-South, April 1, 1995)
    Andrew shouted angry words when his sister spilled his toys. He was instantly sorry, but Marion had already shouted the angry words over the phone to Ted. Andrew ran to Ted's house--but it was too late. Ted had already passed them along, and the angry words were loose in the world. Children learn very early just how powerful words can be.
  • Good Morning, Good Night

    Michael Grejniec

    Paperback (North-South, May 1, 1997)
    From the middle of the night to sunrise and on through a busy day, this unusual concept book follows a boy and a girl at work, at play, and at rest. Along the way, young children are introduced to an intriguing series of opposites. Bold, bright pictures of ingenious charm hold thought-provoking surprises to delight the eye and stir the imagination. Full color.
  • What Do You Like?

    Michael Grejniec

    Paperback (North-South, April 1, 1995)
    Children discover that they can like the same things and still be different.
  • The Falling Stars

    The Brothers Grimm, Eugen Sopko, Rosemary Lanning

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, Sept. 1, 1985)
    A poor child who possesses nothing but the clothes on her back gives everything away to others who are suffering and receives a reward from the heavens.
  • The Legendary Unicorn

    Weigelt U., Gukova J., Julia Gukova, Udo Weigelt

    Hardcover (North-South, July 1, 2004)
    Every even the animals gather in a clearing in the forest to tell stories -- fairy tales, myths and legends, fantasies filled with magic and wonder. One evening as Hedgehog heads for the gathering, he sees something extraordinary -- a unicorn drinking from the stream! He is astonished. But when he tells the other animals about it, they assure him that he is mistaken. "The unicorn is just a legend," they say, "a myth. In reality there are no unicorns." Soon, Hedgehog himself no longer believes his own eyes.Suddenly, there is something very wrong in the forest. The birds no longer sing, the babbling stream is silent, all seems dim and dull. And when the animals meet to share stories, they discover that they have forgotten them all. Luminous, lovely paintings illustrated this enchanted tale about the power of belief and the wonder of the legendary unicorn.
  • Animals Speak

    Lila Prap

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, Feb. 1, 2006)
    Did you ever wonder what animals say in different languages? In German a sheep says MC$h, but in Spain a sheep says Bee. Speaking of bees, in English they buzz, but in Swedish, bees say Surr. Complete with a guide to animal ""languages"" around the world, children and adults alike will enjoy seeing and hearing how animals ""speak"" in other lands.
  • How Will We Get to the Beach?

    Brigitte Luciani, Eve Tharlet

    Paperback (North-South Books, March 1, 2003)
    One beautiful summer day Roxanne decides to go to the beach. She loads up the car with everything she wants to take with her: the turtle/ the umbrella/ the book of wonderful stories/ the ball/ and/ of course/ her baby. But the car won't start. Undaunted, Roxanne decides to take the bus to the beach. But something can't go on the bus. Whenever Roxanne comes up with a new way to get to the beach she discovers she must leave something behind-and children will have great fun guessing just what's missing each time.
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful

    Cecil Alexander, Anna Vojtech, Cecil Frances

    Hardcover (North-South, July 1, 2004)
    Written in 1848, this beloved hymn celebrating the wonders of Creation is given new life in Anna Vojtech's glowing interpretation. Lushly detailed paintings follow two children and their frisky pup through a bucolic landscape of meadows, hills, rivers, streams, and woods. Throughout the seasons, the youngsters explore and enjoy the wealth of treasures to be found -- things bright and beautiful, great and small, wise and wonderful, the glory of it all.
  • Chameleon's Colors

    Chisato Tashiro, Marianne Martens

    Paperback (North-South Books, April 1, 2007)
    Chameleon is tired of constantly changing colors.He blends in wherever he goes and no one ever sees him! Hippo, however, is envious of Chameleon. He would love to be a different color. Surprisingly, all of the other animals in the jungle would too! So Chameleon sets to work painting stripes on the lion, polka-dots on the elephant using every color and pattern under the sun. But as the animals soon learn, changing their original appearance causes problems they never expected...