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  • Dr. White

    Jane Goodall, Julie Litty

    Paperback (North-South, Sept. 1, 2003)
    Every day, a small white dog named Dr. White visits terminally ill children at a hospital and helps them recover, until the health inspector bans him from the hospital, in a touching story that demonstrates the healing power of love. Reprint.
  • Boris Beaver

    North-South Staff

    Hardcover (North-South, July 1, 1945)
    Book by North-South Staff
  • The Happy Owls

    Celestino Piatti

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, May 1, 2013)
    This is a classic text about enjoying the miracle of every day life. Originally published in 1964, it is being reissued, a testament to Piatti's distinctive artwork. He is particularly known for his innovative use of fonts. Why are these owls so happy? That’s just what the chickens, ducks, and geese want to know. But when they send a peacock over to find out why, they’re incredulous at reply. How could anyone be happy simply to see the rain and sunshine? What could be so joyful about the flowers and butterflies? Celestino Piatti’s lovely story is a powerful testimony to seeing the beauty in our world and standing apart from the crowd. As Piatti once said, ""You can draw an owl a thousand times, and never find out its secret"".
  • Max and Molly and the Mystery

    Jurg Obrist, J Obrist

    Paperback (NorthSouth, March 1, 2000)
    Max and Molly must find the real thief when Grandpa suspects them of stealing jars of his freshly made honey.
  • Anna Aphid

    Christine Goppel

    Hardcover (North-South, Sept. 1, 2005)
    A tiny aphid named Anna lives on a big green leaf with her family. But Anna is different from the other aphids. She is curious to discover what lies beyond their green world. So Anna sets off to explore. In an entertaining visual guessing game, we see things from Anna's point of view. An ordinary bedroom is a vast, uncharted universe. A light bulb is a burning sun, a baby's head, the moon. The rug is a red planet's fuzzy forest. Dangers lurk everywhere. A burst balloon becomes an exploding planet, the vacuum cleaner a powerful black hold that sucks everything in its path. Having explored enough for one day, Anna heads back through the emptiness of the universe to her own green homeland. There, she reports on her findings: "I didn't meet any other forms of intelligent life," she tells her father. "But the universe is so big! Who knows what is out there waiting for us?"
  • Who Will Tuck Me In Tonight?

    Carol Roth, Valeri Gorbachev

    Paperback (North-South Books, Feb. 1, 2006)
    It's bedtime, but Woolly the little lamb can't find his mother. Who will tuck him in? ""I will, I will,"" said Mrs. Cow. ""Don't you worry. I know how. Everything will be all right. I'll tuck you in real snug and tight."" But Mrs. Cow wraps poor Woolly up so tight that he can't move. ""STOP!"" cries Woolly. ""That's not right! Oh, who will tuck me in tonight?"" Mrs. Cat, Mrs. Horse, Mrs. Pig, and Mrs. Duck all try, but their efforts prove disastrous, and Woolly grows more and more desperate. Mother Sheep returns at last and tucks her little one in just right--""as only a mother can. From the team who created the best-selling ""Little Bunny's Sleepless Night comes another comic, yet sweet and satisfying, bedtime story.
  • Sun and Moon

    Marcus Pfister

    Hardcover (NorthSouth, July 1, 1990)
    Sun and Moon, both miserable in their lonely existence, want very much to meet each other and finally get the opportunity when the impossible happens
  • Up on the Rooftop Advent Calendar

    Xaviere Devos

    Calendar (NorthSouth, )
  • Liu and the Bird: A Journey in Chinese Calligraphy

    Catherine Louis, Feng Xiao Min, Sibylle Kazeroid

    Paperback (NorthSouth, Oct. 1, 2008)
    A 2006 IBBY Honor List title, this innovative book combines the story of Liu who goes off to visit her grandfather with a rebus-style look at the evolution of Chinese written language from pictures to today's modern calligraphy characters. You can read them, play with them, and dream about them. This book is sure to please children and adults of all backgrounds with its peek into this fascinating topic.
  • Nicky and the Rainy Day

    Valeri Gorbachev

    Paperback (North-South, July 1, 2002)
    On a boring, rainy day, Nicky comes up with some imaginary journeys to keep himself busy inside, and when the rain stops, he discovers even more wonders right in his own backyard.
  • Over in the Meadow

    Olive A. Wadsworth, Anna Vojtech

    Paperback (North-South Books, Aug. 1, 2003)
    Over in the Meadow in the sand in the sun Lived an old mother turtle and her little turtle one.
  • Where's Molly?

    Uli Waas

    Paperback (North-South, Sept. 1, 1994)
    Lisa and Max are delighted with their family's fireworks on New Year's Eve, until the loud noises frighten their dog Molly and make her run away.