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  • Shattered Heart

    J. D. Douglas

    No one knows how difficult it can be to manage an insecure heart better than Lisa Curry.Lisa spent her whole life grappling with loss and abandonment, plagued by the confusion, insecurity and unworthiness instilled in her by her mother’s absence. Early experiences taught her that the best way to guard her heart was to keep to herself. Matt Gunther was the man she allowed in. With his sweet charms and tender touch, he broke through the barriers she had put up. Yet, in the end, he left Lisa when she was at her most vulnerable … and pregnant.With her supportive cousin, Samuel, Lisa embraces motherhood, determined to give her son the love and attention she never had. With Samuel’s help, Lisa finds stability, hope and Kathleen Baker, a woman who yearns for a friendship that Lisa’s insecurities won’t allow her to give.As much as Samuel and Kathleen are willing to help Lisa, not even they can eliminate the medical foe that weakens her child. They can’t promise Lisa that everything will work out when circumstances are against her. Faced with the possibility of losing her greatest treasure, Lisa must pin her hopes in the goodwill of a person who has caused her much sorrow—someone she’d lost hope in a long time ago.
  • Animal Abc!

    J. Douglas Lee

    Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Pub, Nov. 1, 1985)
    Illustrations and alliterative prose depict armadillos acting, iguanas invading, and other active animals from A to Z
  • Prince of Poison: Stoneborn Volume Ø

    J Douglas

    language (, July 9, 2018)
    In a land of legends and sorcery, Shepard is unremarkable. Although he is the youngest of three heirs to the throne, no one respects those without magic, royalty or not.Frustrated and determined to prove his worth, Shepard sets out to discover abilities of his own, only to find he gets far more than he bargained for. His power flares out of control, haunting him with visions of destruction. Then they begin to come true.In a bid to use his powers to reverse what has been done, Shepard’s dangerous gift is exposed. Everything is at stake unless the young prince finds a way to alter what he’s set into motion. But that means diving even deeper into the madness of his gift. Deeper into the poison…Can Shepard save his land without losing himself in the process?
  • The Stone Garden: Stoneborn Volume 1

    J Douglas

    language (, July 20, 2018)
    The line between prophecy and prison.Morrigan wakes in the mysterious land of Lhiminal after a brush with death, leaving her with no recollection of her life before. As her past unravels, Morrigan finds that she is the last of the Stoneborn, a rank of powerful warriors destined to purge the realm of its Dark King, Lysander.The young warrior grows unsettled at the thought that her path has already been laid out for her. She doesn’t want a life filled with conflict and death, but she also doesn’t seem to have a say. Determined to break free from destiny, Morrigan tries time and again to deny her purpose.However, Lysander draws closer with her every hesitation, wielding an ancient and powerful magic capable of tearing Lhiminal apart. And the Dark King is hellbent on using it to destroy the last Stoneborn.Will Morrigan accept her fate in order to survive?“I didn’t want to kill her. But she wouldn’t stop, so neither could I…”Scroll up and one-click now!
  • The Prodigium

    j Douglas

    eBook (Hamann Press, June 19, 2014)
    The Prōdigium is a coming of age, young adult novel whose main character, a sixteen year old boy, is born with a unique genetic code that makes him a valuable commodity in a dystopian society. The dystopian setting is not the typical apocalyptic future, but rather an America governed by new amendments brought on by the loss of natural resources, declining international influence, and societal dysfunction. The protagonist must traverse the difficulties of being in a single parent household, the complexities of emerging love, the uncertainties of his gift, and the dangers of a rich and powerful antagonist.
  • Zephyr, the Littlest Star!: A Legions of Heaven Christmas Novella

    K. Douglas Lee

    language (Eleven Acres Publishing, Dec. 14, 2015)
    Zephyr may be the littlest star in Heaven, but that doesn't mean she isn't courageous! Her story starts before the beginning of our universe, when Zephyr gets lost but comes across Heaven's a stranded angel and her newborn baby boy. Zephyr is lost, but she finds the courage to help them (and in doing so plays a part in saving every creature in Heaven). But this isn't her greatest adventure -- she gets to watch as the Maker creates an entirely new universe filled with stars, and because of her courage she gets picked to go on the great mission to rescue the Maker's special stardust children -- us!Zephyr, the Littlest Star is a Christmas novella in three parts, with each chapter telling a standalone story about the three greatest rescue missions in the histories of Heaven and earth. These stories feature characters and settings from the upcoming sci-fantasy novel Legions of Heaven, such as Zachrielle, the commander of Heaven's Seventh Legion, and her newborn baby son, Michael. Zephyr's story is intertwined with the biggest events in Heaven's and earth's histories, from the war in Heaven to the Big Bang, then all the way to the start of the greatest rescue mission of all time, when she lights the way for another mother and baby in a little town called Bethlehem. Most of all, it is a story about strength -- the strength found in courage, in truth, and in the power of love.
  • A Daughter Adrift: Stoneborn Volume 2

    J Douglas

    language (, July 27, 2018)
    Victory at a most dire price.After playing her part to fulfill a legend, Morrigan now struggles to control the all-powerful magic within her, certain that the burden of obtaining it will ease with time.But there is none left. Little does she know; a curse now stirs beneath the surface of her kingdom.In the obsession to obtain a magic that controls life, Morrigan has unknowingly created an enemy made of death. A wretched hunger that can only be satisfied with her undoing.Can the Stoneborn Queen harness her powers before it’s too late?
  • Opposites!

    J. Douglas Lee

    Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Pub, Nov. 1, 1985)
    Contrasting terms and illustrations use children and animals to depict opposites in things, conditions, and moods and includes special activities encouraging the reader to respond creatively
  • Animal 1-2-3!

    J. Douglas Lee

    Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Pub, Nov. 1, 1985)
    Illustrations and alliterative text introduce word and number concepts through such combinations as one overeating orangutan and twelve tunneling tapirs
  • Queen's Fall: Stoneborn Volume 3

    J Douglas

    language (, Sept. 1, 2018)
    A throne reclaimed, a world undone.The land of Lhiminal has begun to fall apart. Entire provinces of the kingdom have folded in on themselves, swallowed whole. Nothing but endless darkness now rests over what they once were.As Morrigan tries to unravel the mystery behind her land's destruction, she discovers the truth is much worse than anything she could have predicted. The God-King Jameson, creator of their entire world, has somehow returned from the dead, and he’s determined to see Lhiminal undone.Will Morrigan be able to protect her people against a god?
  • The Dolphins of Klein Bonaire

    Douglas Leas

    language (Griz Press LLC, Oct. 8, 2011)
    When William stepped into the water he had no idea of the danger that awaited him on the seemingly short swim to Kline Bonaire. A hungry tiger shark and a pod of dolphins in need of help turned the swim into an adventure of a lifetime!This e-book is a short story, sometimes referred to as an e-single.
  • Animal ABC!

    J. Douglas Lee

    Unknown Binding (G. Stevens Pub, March 15, 1985)