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Prince of Poison: Stoneborn Volume Ø

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J Douglas

Prince of Poison: Stoneborn Volume Ø

language ( July 9, 2018)
In a land of legends and sorcery, Shepard is unremarkable. Although he is the youngest of three heirs to the throne, no one respects those without magic, royalty or not.

Frustrated and determined to prove his worth, Shepard sets out to discover abilities of his own, only to find he gets far more than he bargained for. His power flares out of control, haunting him with visions of destruction. Then they begin to come true.

In a bid to use his powers to reverse what has been done, Shepard’s dangerous gift is exposed. Everything is at stake unless the young prince finds a way to alter what he’s set into motion. But that means diving even deeper into the madness of his gift. Deeper into the poison…

Can Shepard save his land without losing himself in the process?

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