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The Stone Garden: Stoneborn Volume 1

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J Douglas

The Stone Garden: Stoneborn Volume 1

language ( July 20, 2018)
The line between prophecy and prison.

Morrigan wakes in the mysterious land of Lhiminal after a brush with death, leaving her with no recollection of her life before. As her past unravels, Morrigan finds that she is the last of the Stoneborn, a rank of powerful warriors destined to purge the realm of its Dark King, Lysander.

The young warrior grows unsettled at the thought that her path has already been laid out for her. She doesn’t want a life filled with conflict and death, but she also doesn’t seem to have a say. Determined to break free from destiny, Morrigan tries time and again to deny her purpose.

However, Lysander draws closer with her every hesitation, wielding an ancient and powerful magic capable of tearing Lhiminal apart. And the Dark King is hellbent on using it to destroy the last Stoneborn.

Will Morrigan accept her fate in order to survive?

“I didn’t want to kill her. But she wouldn’t stop, so neither could I…”

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