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J. D. Douglas

Shattered Heart

No one knows how difficult it can be to manage an insecure heart better than Lisa Curry.Lisa spent her whole life grappling with loss and abandonment, plagued by the confusion, insecurity and unworthiness instilled in her by her mother’s absence. Early experiences taught her that the best way to guard her heart was to keep to herself. Matt Gunther was the man she allowed in. With his sweet charms and tender touch, he broke through the barriers she had put up. Yet, in the end, he left Lisa when she was at her most vulnerable … and pregnant.With her supportive cousin, Samuel, Lisa embraces motherhood, determined to give her son the love and attention she never had. With Samuel’s help, Lisa finds stability, hope and Kathleen Baker, a woman who yearns for a friendship that Lisa’s insecurities won’t allow her to give.As much as Samuel and Kathleen are willing to help Lisa, not even they can eliminate the medical foe that weakens her child. They can’t promise Lisa that everything will work out when circumstances are against her. Faced with the possibility of losing her greatest treasure, Lisa must pin her hopes in the goodwill of a person who has caused her much sorrow—someone she’d lost hope in a long time ago.

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