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  • Just a Thunderstorm

    Gina Mayer, Mercer Mayer

    Paperback (Golden Books, June 10, 2003)
    During a big thunderstorm, Mom and Dad find lots of ways to comfort Little Critter and his sister. Mom makes a fun dinner and Dad lights the candles as they both share their wisdom about thunder, lightning—and rainbows!
  • Disney's The Lion King

    Margo Hover, Judy Barnes, Robbin Cuddy

    Paperback (Golden Press/Western Publishing Co, May 1, 1994)
    Simba believes he is responsible for the death of his father, the King, and flees--but returns to claim his kingdom when he discovers his father was a victim of evil Uncle Scar, in a storybook based on Disney's latest animated feature. Original. Movie tie-in.
  • Look! : Zoom in on Art

    Gillian Wolfe

    Paperback (Frances Lincoln Ltd, April 30, 2003)
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  • Just a Snowy Vacation

    Mercer Mayer, Gina Mayer

    Paperback (Golden Books, Aug. 1, 2001)
    Little Critter and his family travel to the mountains for a skiing vacation.
  • The Spike-Tailed Dinosaur

    Golden Books

    Paperback (Golden Books, Feb. 1, 1990)
  • Richard Scarry's Best House Ever

    Richard Scarry

    Paperback (Golden Book, March 15, 1989)
    From the cheery sun on the first page, to the sleepy moon on the last, and throughout all 290 pages in between, there are stories, rhymes and fun with the one-and-only Richard Scarry. Classic tales, alphabet and counting stories, lots of new words and concepts, and visits around town, to the airport, and across the world make this essential book that will captivate even the most restless child. The New Day - The Rabbit Family's House - Feed Big Hilda Hippo Her ABC's - Toys - Words to Learn - Mother Goose Rhymes - The Fishing cat - I Am A Bunny - Pierre Bear - Work Machines - Animals - Shapes - Numbers - lines - Farmer Pig - On the Farm - Mealtime - Pip Pip Goes to London - Buildings - A Tale of Tails - What Animals Do - More Mother Goose Rhymes - Mr. Hedgehog's Christmas Present - Whisper in My ear - A Castle in Denmark - Cars and Trucks - The Fox and the Crow - More Mother Goose Rhymes - When You Grow Up - Couscous, the Algerian Detective - Tom, the Fishing Cat - Count with Hooty Owl - More Mother Goose Rhymes - The Hungry Beggars - In the Flower Garden - Officer Montey of Monaco - Is This the House of Mistress Mouse? - Colors - Clothes - More Mother Goose Rhymes - At the Airport - Airplanes - Harry's Airplane Ride - Pierre, the Paris Policeman - More Mother Goose Rhymes - A Nice Surprise - Polite Elephant - Chipmunk's Birthday party - The Bunny Book - More Mother Goose Rhymes - Boats - More Boats - Tugboat Tom - Good Luck in Rome - The Firemen to the Rescue - Things We Do - The Country Mouse and the City Mouse - Music Making - Trains - More Trains - Polite Puppy - The Dog and His Bone - The Always Hungry Visitors - Tools - More Mother Goose Rhymes - Trees - Egg in the Hole - Schtoompah, the Funny Austrian - Merry Months of the Year - More Mother Goose Rhymes - The End
  • The Christmas Aliens

    John Manders

    Paperback (Golden Books, Aug. 12, 1998)
    The inhabitants of the planet Krelb have their own way of celebrating Christmas, like decorating huge ornaments with tiny trees, but they still get a visit from Santa, even if he does have to add a team of rocket-powered squirrels to help the reindeer
  • Look! Seeing the Light in Art

    Gillian Wolfe

    Hardcover (Lincoln Children's Books, Dec. 28, 2006)
    This exciting art title focuses on how artists use light in their paintings. This book uses some of the most famous and best-loved artists of all time to show how their paintings reflect dramatic light, mysterious light, cold light, hot light, dappled light, rainy light, light patterns, light shapes and other forms of light.
  • Look! Zoom in on Art!

    Gillian Wolfe

    Hardcover (Frances Lincoln Children's Books, July 28, 2007)
    In this fun and accessible book, children learn to develop their ability to "see" art in new ways. Each spread features a different painting and focuses on a different perspective -- up, down, around, inside, outside, and more. Simple text and questions invite children to examine each work more closely, giving them a better understanding of the painting and of artistic techniques. Engaging art activities offer additional participation and stimulation. The paintings represent a broad range of periods and include works by Mondrian, van Gogh, John Stewart Curry, Charles Sheeler, and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
  • Richard Scarry's Father Cat's Christmas Tree

    Huck Scarry

    Paperback (Golden Books, Sept. 9, 2003)
    What happens when Father Cat’s Christmas tree grows and grows and grows? Read the newest story from the busy world of Richard Scarry and find out!
  • Moving Day

    Golden Books

    Paperback (Golden Books, Feb. 1, 1990)
    When a long rainstorm makes their house too wet and muddy, the mouse family finds another home and moves
  • Little Puppy Learns to Share

    Cyndy Szekeres

    Paperback (Golden Books, July 1, 1991)