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  • The Truck Book

    Bill Gere, Thomas LaPadula

    Paperback (Golden Books, July 15, 1999)
    Describes and illustrates many different kinds of trucks and their uses, including the garbage truck, fire truck, snow plow, ice cream truck, and tow truck
  • Just a Bully

    Mercer Mayer, Gina Mayer

    Paperback (Golden Books, Oct. 22, 1999)
    When a vicious bully targets Little Sister, Little Critter sets out to defend her, making him the focus of the bully's nasty pranks, until Little Sister and Little Critter join forces to stand up for themselves. Original.
  • Little Critter at Scout Camp

    Mercer Mayer

    Paperback (Golden Books, April 1, 1998)
    Little Critter describes his first experiences at scout camp, making new friends, learning about plants and animals, listening to ghost stories, and making gifts for his mother, father, and sister
  • That New Baby

    Patricia Relf, DyAnne DiSalvo

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 1, 1984)
    Once Elizabeth discovers she really doesn't like being a big sister, she decides to stay in her room ... for always.
  • Whose Mess Is This? Pig Sister

    Carol Roth, Richard Walz

    Paperback (Golden Books, Feb. 1, 1988)
    Two pig sisters, one messy, one neat, have problems sharing a bedroom until each learns to appreciate the other's ways.
  • The Night Before Christmas

    Clement C. Moore, Cyndy Szekeres

    Paperback (Golden Books, June 1, 1996)
    This timeless verse is brought back for a whole new generation, now at a sweet new size and classic price. Enjoy old memories and make new ones as you share this favorite Christmas tradition with the whole family.From the Hardcover edition.
  • Hansel and Gretel

    Carol North, Terri Super

    Paperback (Golden Books, Feb. 1, 1990)
    A poor woodcutter's two children, lost in the woods, come upon a gingerbread house inhabited by a wicked witch.
  • Trick or Treat, Little Critter

    Mercer Mayer, Gina Mayer

    Paperback (Golden Books, Aug. 1, 1993)
    Jack-o-lanterns, masks, and candy make Halloween lots of fun for Little Critter, both at home and at school, but deciding what costume to wear is quite a different story. Reissue.
  • The Kitten Book

    Jan Pfloog

    Paperback (Golden Books, July 15, 1999)
    Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 7/15/1999Pages: 24Reading Level: Age 3 and Up
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Eileen Daly

    Paperback (Golden Books, Feb. 1, 1990)
    Although the other reindeer laugh at him because of his bright red nose, Rudolph proves his worth when he is chosen to lead Santa Claus's sleigh on a foggy night.
  • Just a Secret

    Golden Books

    Paperback (Golden Books, Dec. 3, 2001)
    Little Critter makes a birthday present for his mother but cannot remember where he hid it.
  • Too Many Jellybeans

    Kate Gleeson

    Paperback (Golden Books, Nov. 1, 1996)
    Children's book.