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  • The Hiccuping Hippo

    Keith Faulkner

    Hardcover (Dial, May 24, 2004)
    When Hippo gets a horrible case of the hiccups, nothing his friends try seems to work, until they all put their heads together and find the right solution, a cure that Hippo--and young readers--will never forget. By the creators of The Wide-Mouthed Frog.
  • The Midnight Farm

    Reeve Lindbergh, Susan Jeffers

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 30, 1987)
    Secrets of the dark are revealed in this poem describing a farm at midnight.
  • Wabi

    Joseph Bruchac

    Hardcover (Dial, April 20, 2006)
    Having been born an owl with a fearless constitution, Wabi's world takes a sudden turn when he falls in love with a human girl and, through his shape-shifting skills, transforms into a human to win her heart, yet with danger looming in the Valley of the Monsters, Wabi knows his personal desires must take second place to the perilous issues that await.
  • What! Cried Granny

    Kate Lum, Adrian Johnson

    Hardcover (Dial, April 1, 1999)
    When her grandson Patrick arrives for his first sleepover, Granny's resourceful efforts to provide him with a bed, pillow, and other necessities result in a sleepless night for both of them.
  • Ballerino Nate

    Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, R.W. Alley

    Hardcover (Dial, March 16, 2006)
    Teased by his brother about wanting to become a ballerina, Nate begins to believe his jokes about having to wear a tutu and pink shoes when he discovers he is the only boy in the class, in a moving story about a young boy's big dreams and his strong determination to dance!
  • Spider School

    Francesca Simon

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 1, 1996)
    Kate's first day at school goes from bad to worse when she defiantly gets out of bed on the wrong side, her brand-new school clothes disappear, her teacher proves to be a gorilla, and the lunch lady serves spider-and-snake soup.
  • The Fool and the Fish

    Alexander Afanasyev, Gennady Spirin

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 4, 1990)
    A retelling of the traditional Russian tale in which a lazy fool catches an enchanted fish which promises him that every wish he ever makes will come true.
  • Snowmen Pop-Up Book

    Caralyn Buehner, Mark Buehner

    Hardcover (Dial, Oct. 19, 2006)
    After nighttime falls and everyone is asleep in their beds, a group of fun-loving snowmen jump into action and have their own bit of fun while no one is around to see, in this interactive book filled with pop-ups, pull-tabs, and much more!
  • Lionboy: The Truth

    Zizou Corder

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 8, 2005)
    Catspeaker Charlie Ashanti finds himself on a boat to the Caribbean where he will be sold to the Corporacy, but his parents and lion friends are in pursuit, and he is determined to outwit his captors.
  • The Little Drummer Mouse

    Mercer Mayer

    Hardcover (Dial, Oct. 19, 2006)
    A little mouse who is teased for being the smallest and for playing an acorn drum is singled out to give a gift to the very special child who has been born in a nearby stable.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Bruce Coville, William Shakespeare

    Hardcover (Dial, Oct. 1, 1996)
    A simplified prose retelling of Shakespeare's play about the strange events that take place in a forest inhabited by fairies who magically transform the romantic fate of two young couples.
  • Pinkerton & Friends

    Steven Kellogg

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 16, 2004)
    Eleven of the author's complete stories, including The Mysterious Tadpole and The Island of the Skog, comprise a compendium full of imagination and silliness.