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Books published by publisher Dial

  • Perrywinkle and the Book of Magic Spells

    Ross Martin Madsen, Dirk Zimmer

    Hardcover (Dial, April 14, 1986)
  • Cabin on Trouble Creek

    Jean Van Leeuwen

    Hardcover (Dial, June 17, 2004)
    When their father, setting out for Pennsylvania to collect the rest of the family, leaves them behind to watch the land, eleven-year-old Daniel and nine-year-old Will must face the harsh winter alone with only an axe, a sack of cornmeal, and their ingenuity to keep them safe.
  • The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull

    John Bellairs

    Hardcover (Dial, Oct. 30, 1984)
    When Johnny Dixon takes a tiny skull from a haunted dollhouse, demonic forces are released,capturing Professor Childermass and leading Johnny on a harrowing chase to a deserted island off the coast of Maine.
  • Morris's Disappearing Bag: A Christmas Story

    Rosemary Wells

    Hardcover (Dial, Jan. 1, 1975)
    Everyone in Morris' family is pleased with his Christmas present but Morris.
  • Lisette's Angel

    Amy Littlesugar, Max Ginsburg

    Hardcover (Dial, May 13, 2002)
    When soldiers invade their quaint town of Normandy in France, Lisette prays for an angel to help her family overcome this terrible time, in a powerful story of the 1944 D-day invasion told from a child's perspective.
  • The Storekeeper

    Tracey Campbell Pearson

    Hardcover (Dial, Oct. 30, 1988)
    Traces a day in the life of a general store and the storekeeper who runs it, following the adventures of numerous customers as they shop for what they need
  • The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper

    Jean Van Leeuwen, Steven Kellogg

    Hardcover (Dial, Jan. 1, 1975)
    Three mice try to rescue the man playing Santa Claus at Macy's after he is kidnapped by a rival store
  • By Jacky Davis Ladybug Girl Feels Happy

    Jacky Davis

    Hardcover (Dial, Aug. 12, 2012)
  • It's a Spoon, Not a Shovel

    Caralyn Buehner, Mark Buehner

    Hardcover (Dial, June 1, 1995)
    A quiz on good manners matches illustrations to twenty questions with multiple choice answers, with the letter for each correct answer--as well as many little animals--hidden in the accompanying picture
  • The Great White Man-Eating Shark

    Margaret Mahy, Jonathan Allen

    Hardcover (Dial, March 30, 1990)
    Greedy to have the cove where he swims all to himself, Norvin, who looks a bit like a shark, pretends to be one, scaring off the other swimmers and leaving him in happy aquatic solitude--until he is discovered by an amorous female shark.
  • One Night

    Marsha Qualey

    Hardcover (Dial, May 27, 2002)
    A riveting novel of love and destiny follows nineteen-year-old Kelly Ray, a recovering drug addict, as she unexpectedly encounters Prince Tomas Teronovich, the prince of a war-torn country, and, determined to trick him into appearing on her aunt Kit's controversial radio show, finds her life forever changed by this extraordinary prince.
  • Peace at Last

    Jill Murphy

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 30, 1987)