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Books in Usborne Beginners series

  • Pigs - IR

    James Maclaine

    Hardcover (Usborne Books, Dec. 1, 2015)
    Two intriguing introductions to the fascinating worlds of ants and pigs, with a specially written easy-to-read text, amazing and extraordinary photographs and step-by-step visual explanations.Part of the Usborne Beginners series, which introduces children to a diverse range of non-fiction topics including trains, volcanoes, bears, astronomy, the Aztecs, wolves, ships and living in space. Ideal reading practice for children who prefer non-fiction.
  • Understanding Your Muscles & Bones: Internet Linked

    Rebecca Treays, Christyan Fox

    Paperback (Usborne Pub Ltd, Jan. 1, 2006)
    Text and illustrations provide information about the human system of muscles and bones, discussing a variety of topics including the skeleton, joints, the heart, strength and sports, and growing.
  • Why Do We Eat?

    Stephanie Turnbull, Tim Haggerty

    Hardcover (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2006)
    Describes how the body digests food, what certain nutrional elements the body uses and for what, why eating healthy is important, and what causes food poisoning and allergies.
  • Poisonous Animals IR

    Emily Bone

    Hardcover (Usborne Books/ EDC, March 15, 2014)
    Beginners Reader Ages 6+ This book will give you a surprising amount of information, and tell you all you need to know about the many different types of poisonous animals and how and where they live. Part of the Usborne Beginners series, an amazing collection of information books with an easy-reading text. A colorful and engrossing book full of fascinating facts about the dangerous world of poisonous animals, from stinging scorpions to venomous creatures under the sea. Each page features a different type of poisonous animal, fish or insect, and the ways they use their poison or venom to attack rivals, hunt for prey or defend themselves. This is a wonderful addition to your independent reading nature library. Great for the beginner to read aloud to the class or to younger siblings. Ages: 6 years & up Size: 6 1/8 x 8 1/4 inches Pages: 32, Hardcover Series: Beginners Nature Author: Emily Bone
  • Eggs and Chicks

    Emma Fischel

    Paperback (Usborne Publishing Ltd, Sept. 15, 2002)
    This non-fiction series aims to encourage children to access the wonder of the world around them. The books have two reading levels, with a simple sentence on each page for beginners, and more complex information for more confident readers.
  • Spiders

    Rebecca Gilpin

    Paperback (USBORNE PUBLISHING, Sept. 27, 2002)
  • Caterpillars and Butterflies

    Stephanie Turnbull

    Paperback (Usborne Publishing Ltd, Jan. 15, 2003)
  • Understanding Your Muscles and Bones

    Rebecca Treays

    Hardcover (Usborne Publishing Ltd, July 31, 1997)
  • Bears


    Hardcover (Usborne Publishing Ltd, Jan. 31, 2003)
  • Understanding Your Senses

    Rebecca Treays

    Paperback (Edc Pub, Aug. 1, 1998)
    Each book in the Usborne Science for Beginners series uses simple explanations combined with lively diagrams, photographs and cartoons, to provide an introduction to the featured subject.
  • Ancient Greeks

    Stephanie Turnbull, Catherine-Anne MacKinnon, Vici Leyhane, Colin King

    Paperback (Usborne Pub Ltd, Dec. 30, 2004)
    Explores the life of Ancient Greeks, from food and clothing to gods, goddesses, and games.
  • Night Animals

    Emma Helbrough, Patrizia Donaera, Adam Larcum

    Paperback (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2003)
    Describes some of the various kinds of animals that are active at night and sleep in the daytime, and discusses their senses, how they survive during the daylight, and how they communicate with each other in the dark.