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Poisonous Animals IR
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Emily Bone
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Usborne Books/ EDC
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Emily Bone

Poisonous Animals IR

Hardcover (Usborne Books/ EDC March 15, 2014)
Beginners Reader Ages 6+ This book will give you a surprising amount of information, and tell you all you need to know about the many different types of poisonous animals and how and where they live. Part of the Usborne Beginners series, an amazing collection of information books with an easy-reading text. A colorful and engrossing book full of fascinating facts about the dangerous world of poisonous animals, from stinging scorpions to venomous creatures under the sea. Each page features a different type of poisonous animal, fish or insect, and the ways they use their poison or venom to attack rivals, hunt for prey or defend themselves. This is a wonderful addition to your independent reading nature library. Great for the beginner to read aloud to the class or to younger siblings. Ages: 6 years & up Size: 6 1/8 x 8 1/4 inches Pages: 32, Hardcover Series: Beginners Nature Author: Emily Bone
0794534104 / 9780794534103
4.8 oz.
8.3 x 5.9 in.

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