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  • When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson

    Gene Smith

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1964)
    The extraordinary story of Woodrow Wilson's last years in the White House and after, and the part played by his wife when the nation was without a President able to perform his duties. In the hot September of 1919, President Woodrow Wilson, his wife (the second Mrs. Wilson), his physician Dr. Cary Grayson, and his secretary Joseph Tumulty boarded the private railroad car that would carry them from Washington to California on a speaking crusade designed to persuade the American people that their country must join the League of Nations. Wilson was a man past 60, exhausted by a world war and months of wrangling over a treaty for peace. But he went among his fellow countrymen, crying aloud in a steadily hoarsening voice that unless the US embraced this League a terrible second world war would ensue. Suddenly and mysteriously the trip was cut short. Only Wilson's intimates knew that he had suffered a thrombosis and that when he returned to the White House he suffered a second attack. So begin the long 17 months when the President of the US was completely isolated from the world by his wife and his doctor. No one was allowed to see him. Senators, Cabinet officers, the Vice President, all were left in the dark, and the President's orders were scribbled in his wife's handwriting. The revelation of what actually happened in the White House during this period and what was to follow make WHEN THE CHEERING STOPPED a unique book and one that will touch the heart.
  • Gus Goes To School

    Jane Thayer

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1982)
    A ghost decides to go to school and learn to spell when a publisher returns his autobiography.
  • A Lion Among Men

    Gregory Maguire

    Paperback (Morrow, March 15, 2008)
  • Frogs and toads;

    Herbert Spencer Zim

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1950)
  • Snowbound with Betsy

    Carolyn Haywood

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1962)
    One week before Christmas, Betsy and her sister, Star, are forced to stay inside after an enormous snowstorm, where they make a bird's Christmas tree, build a very unusual snowman, and prepare homemade Christmas presents.
  • Nora and Mrs. Mind-Your-Own-Business

    Johanna Hurwitz

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1977)
    Because Nora and her brother live in an apartment, personal privacy, making friends, and finding places to play are sometimes a problem.
  • Ralph S. Mouse

    Beverly Cleary, Paul O. Zelinsky

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 18, 2014)
    In this third and final Mouse novel from Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary, Ralph heads to school to see what humans do all day . . . and to discover what the "S" in Ralph S. Mouse stands for!With his rowdy cousins constantly wearing out his motorcycle and the Mountain View Inn manager threatening to take care of the mouse infestation once and for all, Ralph decides it's time to get away for a while. He convinces his human friend Ryan to take him along to school, where Ralph instantly becomes the center of attention. But when Ryan's class decides to see how smart Ralph is by making him run a maze, the usually confident mouse starts to fret. What if he's not as clever as he thought?
  • Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick

    Carolyn Haywood

    Hardcover (Morrow, Aug. 16, 1968)
    Mr. Kilpatrick, the big, warmhearted policeman, had seen Betsy and her friends safely across the school crossing ever since the first grade. When the news spread that Mr. Kilpatrick was going to be transferred, they were heartbroken.
  • A-Hunting We Will Go!

    Steven Kellogg

    Hardcover (Morrow, Sept. 28, 1998)
    There's no doubt about it: This energetic crew has no intention of going to sleep. Instead, they gather a lovable team of animal friends and set off on a carefree adventure that takes them from woodlands to waterfalls- and then to even wilder wonderlands, where the sun doesn't set until the kids are good and ready!Steven Kellogg's boisterous romp, inspired by a traditional refrain, turns getting ready for bed into a delightful game that is sure to become a favorite of all not-so-sleepy little ones eveywhere.So come along and join the song: A-Hunting We Will Go!
  • Gus And The Baby Ghost

    Jane Thayer, Seymour Fleishman

    Hardcover (Morrow, )
  • Map of Bones: A Sigma Force Novel

    James Rollins

    Hardcover (Morrow, May 1, 2005)
    The bones lead to ancient mysteries and present-day terror . . . To follow them means death. During a crowded service at a cathedral in Germany, armed intruders in monks' robes unleash a nightmare of blood and destruction. But the killers have not come for gold; they seek a more valuable prize: the bones of the Magi who once paid homage to a newborn savior . . . a treasure that could reshape the world. With the Vatican in turmoil, Sigma Force under the command of Grayson Pierce leaps into action, pursuing a deadly mystery that weaves through sites of the Seven Wonders of the World and ends at the doorstep of an ancient, mystical, and terrifying secret order. For there are those with dark plans for the stolen sacred remains that will alter the future of humankind . . . when science and religion unite to unleash a horror not seen since the beginning of time.
  • Alexander MacKenzie: Canadian Explorer

    Ronald Syme, William Stobbs

    Hardcover (Morrow, March 15, 1964)