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  • Animals in the Forest

    Visiting Fellow John Wood

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Jan. 15, 2018)
    Readers learn about the various animal species that live in the forest through this enlightening text. They discover what these animals eat, how they survive in the wild, and where they build their homes. This accessible and age-appropriate text captures what its like being an animal living in the forest and also supports elementary science curriculum topics, including habitats and adaptations. In addition, full-color photographs of these animals in their natural habitats provide readers with a clear and creative visual element. This text is sure to captivate students looking to expand their understanding of creatures living in the forest.
  • Feeling Jealous

    Kristy Holmes

    Library Binding (Kidhaven, Aug. 15, 2018)
    Why do we get jealous? What certain things do we get jealous about? These questions and more are addressed in this important text about having feelings of jealousy. Young readers are introduced to Green Eyed Bunny, who helps them navigate such a complex emotion. In this age-appropriate and relatable main text, readers learn to recognize and evaluate their own instances of jealousy. The fun, comic book design, creative illustrations, and full-color photographs add an appealing artistic element to this important topic, which teaches readers how to become more aware of their own feelings and how they express them.
  • Milton Bradley

    Raymond H Miller

    Hardcover (KidHaven, Oct. 8, 2004)
    Profiles the board game designer, kindergarten advocate, and creator of the first jigsaw puzzle designed for children.
  • Animals in the Desert

    John Wood

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Jan. 15, 2018)
    The desert is home to many different animal species. These animals make their habitats in this dry climate, which can sometimes be difficult to survive in because of the hot temperatures and scarce food sources. Fun facts about desert animals are presented through age-appropriate text, which covers common science curriculum topics such as animal adaptations and biomes. Vibrant, full-color photographs provide readers with examples of what desert animals look like and how they appear in their natural habitats.
  • Godzilla

    Adam Woog

    Hardcover (KidHaven, June 17, 2004)
    Godzilla, the king of the Japanese movie monsters, has been an enduring pop-culture icon for fifty years. His on-screen presence has evolved from the relatively crude portrayal of a giant rampaging beast in his initial 1954 appearance to his more recent high-tech image, as a defender of humans and an ecological savior. Throughout, Godzilla has been both exciting and terrifying.
  • Whatย’s Racism?

    Amy B. Rogers

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Jan. 15, 2018)
    Provides information on racial inequality, whether races actually exist, stereotyping, historical developments, the role of fear in stimulating prejudice, recent developments, and the importance of communication across group boundaries.
  • Burt Rutan: Aircraft Designer

    Kris Hirschmann

    Library Binding (Kidhaven, Aug. 11, 2006)
    Describes the life and accomplishments of an aviation designer known for dreaming up unusual aircraft designs and then building them.
  • Is It Wrong to Eat Meat?

    Kate Rogers

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Aug. 15, 2018)
    Why do some people choose not to eat meat? Is it wrong to eat an animal that was once alive? These questions are complex and challenge young people's critical-thinking skills, and they form the backbone of this inside look at the debates surrounding vegetarianism, veganism, and eating meat. As readers explore this topic through engaging main text, accessible fact boxes, a detailed graphic organizer, and colorful photographs, they're introduced to different points of view and the facts used to support these differing viewpoints. This teaches young readers the importance of understanding differing perspectives and using facts to inform an opinion.
  • Is It Wrong to Ban Books?

    Mary Austen

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Jan. 15, 2018)
    When people discuss the idea of banning books, they are also discussing much broader concepts, including censorship, basic freedoms, and the power of religious and political institutions. These challenging topics are presented in accessible ways as readers explore the debate surrounding banned books. As they immerse themselves in many viewpoints surrounding this debate through engaging text, fact boxes, vibrant photographs, and graphic organizers, they discover the importance of developing an informed, independent opinion about issues that affect their lives.
  • Imitating Nature - From Gecko Feet to Sticky Tape

    Toney Allman

    Library Binding (KidHaven, Jan. 10, 2006)
    Discusses how lessons learned from studying the properties of the feet of geckos contributed to the invention of adhesive tape.
  • Weather Patterns

    Harriet Brundle

    Paperback (Kidhaven, Jan. 15, 2018)
    Presents information about weather, including forecasting, clouds, types of precipitation, and major storms, and what countries around the world are doing to combat climate change.
  • What's Racism?

    Amy B. Rogers

    Library Binding (Kidhaven, Jan. 15, 2018)
    Racism is a difficult issue to face, but people must confront it if they hope to move beyond it. Confronting challenging social issues such as racism often begins with education. As readers discover the roots of racism in America and how it still isolates people from one another, they learn what their generation can do to combat racism create a more inclusive society. This sensitive topic is presented in an age-appropriate an informative way, using fact boxes, graphic organizers, and full-color photographs enhance the reading experience.