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Eva March Tappan

Robin Hood His Book

I N all English history, be it true or be it legendary, no hero stands out in bolder, clearer relief than the outlaw Robin Hood. Was he a real Englishman the tales of whose achievements are based upon real deeds } Is the name but a chance selection around which clusters the English portion of those legends of strength and valor that have come down to us from the earlier days ? Is Robin but a personified reminiscence of the Maytime games and the restless joy that is felt at the coming of springtime.? What does it matter ? Why should one care in which of three kingly reigns a veritable “ Robert Hood ” may perchance have lived .? Far more worthy of regard is it that just as the stories of Coeur de Leon embody the early English idea of the perfect knight, the hero of the nobles, so do the ballads of Robin picture the free and sturdy yeoman, the hero of the people.

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