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The Story of the Crusades for Young Readers

Eva March Tappan

The Story of the Crusades for Young Readers

eBook (A. J. Cornell Publications March 30, 2013)
Originally published in 1909 as a portion of the author’s larger “European Hero Stories,” this Kindle edition, equivalent in length to a physical book of approximately 16 pages, describes, in simple language for young readers, the story of the Crusades—the series of military expeditions made by Europeans in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims.


I. Peter the Hermit Leads the First Crusade, 1096
II. Richard the Lion-Hearted Leads the Third Crusade, 1189
III. The Children’s Crusade, 1212

Includes supplemental material:

•Causes of the Crusades
•About the Second and Fourth Crusades
•About the Later Crusades
•Results of the Crusades

Sample passage:
A marvelous thing now came to pass, for the children of France and Germany went on a crusade. Stephen, a French shepherd boy twelve years old, declared that Jesus had appeared to him and bidden him lead a company of children to rescue the Holy Sepulcher from the infidels. Other children joined him, and they went about from village to village, bearing crosses and candles, swinging censers, singing hymns, and crying “God wills it! God wills it!” Soon a great army of boys and girls, including the humblest shepherd lads and the children of wealthy nobles, started on a march for the Holy Land. No one could stop them. The king bade them return to their homes, but they only cried the more, “God wills it!” They broke away from their friends, from the very arms of their parents. The older folk knew not what to think. Some said this was a work of Satan to destroy the children. Others believed that it was the will of God that where armed men had failed, innocent children should succeed; and they dared not hold them back lest they should be fighting against God.

About the author:
Eva March Tappan (1854-1930) was a college professor and author from Massachusetts who specialized in writing children’s books about famous characters in history. Other works include “In the Days of Alfred the Great,” “In the Days of William the Conqueror,” and “In the Days of Queen Elizabeth.”

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