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Grade 4-6

Eva March Tappan

Heroes of the Middle Ages

Paperback (Yesterday's Classics Aug. 1, 2006) , null edition
Recounts the stories of the most important movements in the history of Europe during the Middle Ages and acquaints the reader with the most important figures in those scenes. The figures are grouped into seven periods: The Barbarian Invasion, The Forming of the Germanic Nations, The Teutonic Invasions, The Rise of Nationalities, The Crusades, The Time of Progress and Discovery, and The Struggles of the Nations. In the tapestry which the author weaves may be traced the history of the rise and fall of the various nationalities and the circumstances and mode of life of each.
1599151693 / 9781599151694
12.0 oz.
6.0 x 0.6 in.

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