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Eva March Tappan, Ed.

Myths From Many Lands

Paperback ( Aug. 29, 2011) , null edition
Myths are not only as old as the hills, - some of the hills, at least, - but they come from all over the world. It is not at all uncommon to find the same tale in two countries thousands of miles apart. The story of carrying water in a sieve is found in Greece, in Scandinavia, and even in the American folklore of "Uncle Remus." Stories of one-eyed giants are found in Ireland, Greece, and Japan. Sometimes we find many different stories to account for the same fact. The early people of India believed that the moon went out of sight during an eclipse because it was swallowed by a dragon. The Japanese in like manner declared that when the sun disappeared it had hidden itself in a cave. In the first rays of ruddy light reaching up along the horizon at the dawning, the Greeks and Romans saw the rosy fingers of a beautiful goddess. . .
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