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Humphrey Quinn

Isle of Truth

(Independently published Jan. 11, 2020)
We Witches Three Book 9, Isle of Truth The wickedest witch the Demon Isle never even knew existed put a curse on Grayson Moone and Lizzy Deane—two lovers not only separated by time, but they believed, by death. Now, the past has caught up to them, throwing the present into supernatural chaos. The curse must be broken before any more innocent lives are lost. The only problem… no one has any idea how to break it, other than they believe it must be Lizzy who does. However, when tragedy strikes in a most unexpected manner, breaking the curse may no longer be possible. Which means the cursed and bloodthirsty vampire, Grayson Moone, is stuck on The Demon Isle.
We Witches Three (Book 9)
1659148146 / 9781659148145
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5.0 x 0.5 in.

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