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Humphrey Quinn


Paperback (Independently published July 23, 2019)
The war is upon us. Sides must be taken. Make—Your—Choice. In the throes of vengeance, some become lost.In the brutality of war, many will die.In the battle to overthrow evil, some will rise and overcome. But in the struggle for freedom some are, unfortunately, forgotten. Each has their part to play in this prophecy—but when yours is to be the martyr, the forgotten one, the abandoned one… is this a nightmare you can overcome? Or will it drag you down into the depths of something so broken, you cannot be repaired? With age comes wisdom and truth—the only real power—the key, is what you choose to do with this knowledge once it comes to you. Do you allow it to consume you and lose yourself to it, forever? Or can you surrender to the one shining light reaching down into the depths to pull you out of the darkness?
A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure (Book 10)
108223138X / 9781082231384
13.6 oz.
6.1 x 0.5 in.

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