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Humphrey Quinn

Isle of Shadows

(Independently published Jan. 11, 2020)
The battle with the Feyk is ended, but the scars left behind have changed the Howard Witches, and The Demon Isle, forever. And all the Howard’s want: a break. A moment to catch their breath. To mourn. To heal. And move on. Instead, they are scurrying to protect everyone on the Isle from the sudden appearance of a bloodthirsty serial vampire killer. Melinda is having nightmares of the non-prophetic kind, the worst being when vampire, William Wakefield, tells her he is leaving. And when he disappears from The Demon Isle she believes this is true. Until a disastrous line of events unfold that put the vampire as suspect number one in the case of the serial killer, who has murdered at least three people so far. Will the Howard Witches have to kill their friend, and family protector? Will they be forced to end the life of the vampire responsible for saving Melinda, along with so many other Howard’s? Melinda is already facing a future of loving William from the shadows, but now, the only way to truly love him, may be to end him.
We Witches Three (Book 8)
1659188776 / 9781659188776
16.0 oz.
5.0 x 0.9 in.

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