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Humphrey Quinn

Isle of Echoes

(Independently published Jan. 11, 2020)
The lives of the Howard Witches are on a sudden collision course for history to repeat itself, returning them to the most dangerous and dark days of their past. A time of war between two families, once allies, now enemies. A time when dark magic nearly consumed The Demon Isle and threatened to wipe out the Howard bloodline. Unfortunately, starting a new war with these traitors will have to wait as other supernatural trouble is brewing. This time, of the mermaid variety. The Howard’s underwater friends are under attack! The Sea Hag might be dead but her bloodsuckers are back, and they’re bigger, nastier, and hungrier. Meanwhile, Melinda has some bloodsucker problems of her own when the world of her molasses-eyed motorcycle man and the vampire love of her life accidentally collide, unspoken revelations sending her spiraling down a path she’s never been on before and one she fears she’ll be forever lost on. Michael’s just admitted his love for new girlfriend, Emily Morgan, and it seems like ever since she’s gotten into nothing but life-threatening trouble. This time, though, it might be more than any of them can fix. Even using magic. Especially when Charlie finds himself caught up in a net of mermaid mayhem that might land him at the bottom of the ocean, unless Emily can use this latest affliction to rescue him. Though courageous, in doing so, she might seal her own fate as the clock is ticking and she’s almost out of time.
We Witches Three (Book 3)
1659257190 / 9781659257199
8.3 oz.
5.0 x 0.4 in.

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