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Exposure Point
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M. D. Archer
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The Candidates
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M. D. Archer

Exposure Point

Paperback (SWARM Publishing June 14, 2020)
I always knew my life would change after summer, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened.

Montrose is a small town where nothing ever happens, but for 17-year old Calliope Laws everything is changing. Not only is her best friend about to leave for college, she gets injured right before a big audition. Her future is on hold, but is this the future she even wants?

To pass the time she takes a job at the school admin office, and with not much to do but stare out the window, she starts noticing things. Weird things. Like a late-night altercation at the new health centre. And the missing teenager who’s supposed to be dead.

When she observes more and more students behaving erratically, she knows she’s right.

Something strange is going on at Montrose High, and it's to do with the new health centre manager, Logan Kerry. And what about Cole, the enigmatic and mercurial volunteer? Can Callie trust him or does she have more enemies than she thought?

Callie doesn't know who to turn to, but after one student collapses and another student dies, it becomes obvious that she has to do something.

But in uncovering the truth will Callie put herself in danger?

“…absorbing and engaging.”
“…well-written, nuanced characters…”
“A clever STEM-based YA read.”
If you like well-rounded characters, plot twists and psychological themes, you’ll love The Candidates.
Don’t miss out. Start The Candidates, an exciting two-part series, today. (#1 Exposure Point, #2 Reaction Time).
The Candidates (Book 1)
0473529432 / 9780473529437
20.8 oz.
6.0 x 0.9 in.

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