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M. D. Archer


(Independently published March 22, 2018)
In this, the final installment of The Lucan Trilogy, Tamzin faces her biggest challenge.
Four months ago Tamzin Walker’s world turned upside down when she found out she’s Lucan. After a tumultuous induction into the Lucan world, Tamzin is told she’s the last of her bloodline and prophesized to be the strongest Lucan ever to exist. But this just makes her more of a target and before long Tamzin is face to face with an enemy that has been lurking in the background since the very beginning.
Don’t miss out on this addictive new series. If you like Buffy and Jessica Jones, you'll love Tamzin. Start the Lucan Trilogy today with Lucan, continue with Rogue, and finish with Ultimatum, the thrilling conclusion.>br>Note, The Lucan Trilogy is a New Adult series with references to adult material and some violence.
The Lucan Trilogy (Book 3)
1980623341 / 9781980623342
22.4 oz.
6.0 x 1.0 in.

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