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Other editions of book Octonauts: The Giant Whirlpool and other stories: 3

  • Octonauts: The Giant Whirlpool and other stories: 3

    Various Authors

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, )
    Join the Octonauts in this third collection of exciting underwater adventures adapted from the popular children’s television series! The Octonauts are a team of quirky and courageous undersea adventurers who are always ready to dive into action. The Octonauts mission is to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect our oceans. 1. The Giant Whirlpool 2. Creature Report: Leatherback Sea Turtle 3. The Mixed-Up Whales 4. Creature Report: Blue Whales 5. The Kelp Forest Rescue 6. Creature Report: Kelp/Sea Snails 7. The Decorator Crab 8. Creature Report: Decorator Crab 9. The Beluga Whales 10. Creature Report: Beluga Whales 11. The Hungry Pilot Fish 12. Creature Report: Pilot Fish 13. The Vampire Squid 14. Creature Report: Vampire Squid 15. The Seahorse Tale 16. Creature Report: Seahorse 17. The Giant Jelly 18. Creature Report: Comb Jelly 19. The Cookiecutter Sharks 20. Creature Report: Cookiecutter Shark 21. The Hermit Crabs 22. Creature Report: Hermit Crab