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  • Bad Moon Rising

    Kimbra Swain

    Fairies involved in wolf politics is never good. It's deadly.Dominick Meyer left his pack behind years ago, but the Alpha inside of him didn't die. Now, when a friend calls upon him to help her pack, he realizes the troubles he left behind has spread like a soul-killing virus. Another pack is threatening the anonymity of the Dog River Wolfpack, and their leader, Lyra, sees no other way to appease her pack than to produce an heir to stabilize the future of the pack. She thought picking Dominick to complete the task would be the easy part.Nick and Lyra have to band together despite the stubborn Alpha blood that flows through their veins. It's not just the future of the Dog River Wolfpack that hangs in the balance. It's the entire lupine world.Bad Moon Rising is the first book in the Dog River Wolfpack series by Kimbra Swain, a spin-off from the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen universe. Swain continues her saga with another Southern Urban Fantasy based in the lowland swamps of Alabama.If you love action-packed, snarky, Urban Fantasy with suspense and thrilling twists, pick up a copy of Bad Moon Rising today!The Dog River Wolfpack series works in conjunction with the Stories of Frost and Fire but can be read as a stand-alone series.