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  • No More No Name

    Tim Tingle

    Paperback (7th Generation, July 15, 2017)
    Bobby Byington has always had to navigate his father’s alcoholism and anger, but things are looking up. His father has stopped drinking, his mother is back home, and his basketball team is winning games. But two new problems surface when his "smart" girlfriend is bullied by a resentful schoolmate and a fellow team member is bullied by an abusive father. This is the second novel in the No Name series.
  • No More No Name

    Tim tingle

    eBook (Native Voices Books, Oct. 26, 2017)
    After overcoming years of trouble with his alcoholic father and surviving a near-death car accident, Bobby Byington—for the first time in his life—has a strong family. His parents are reunited, his father has turned away from the bottle, and he is a starter on the basketball team at his high school. But the door to trouble never stays closed. Bobby’s girlfriend, next-door-neighbor Faye, suffers attacks from a bullying classmate, and some of Bobby’s basketball teammates are dealing with family problems that are all too familiar to him. Maybe Bobby’s old backyard hideout will need to be uncovered again and the door reopened.Hoping to help his friends, Bobby shares the legend of No Name that Coach Robison had told him back when Bobby needed to hide from his father. Who knew Coach’s wisdom would become so meaningful to others? As the playoffs near and the team plays to win, Coach delivers a message that extends well beyond the basketball court: “Your life is carved by the choices you make. You earn your name by your actions.”