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  • The Vikings

    Fiona Macdonald

    Paperback (Running Press, Sept. 15, 1997)
    Play hnefatfl, a Viking game of strategy and build a model of a Viking ship. Open the secret drawer to find runes, maps, stickers, and cards that demonstrate Viking dress, illustrate the Viking territory, and show the hierarchy of gods and goddesses.
  • Vikings

    Kate Jackson Bedford, Fiona MacDonald

    Hardcover (Franklin Watts Ltd, )
  • The Vikings

    Fiona MacDonald

    Paperback (Pacific Learning, June 1, 2017)
    For 300 years, the Vikings were masters of the sea. They raided, traded, and settled new lands. This book describes what their lives where like through facts about their homes, crafts, leaders, crimes, gods, and the decline of Viking power.Text Type: ExplanationTheme/Topic: Human History, World Connections: Europe