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Other editions of book I Can Speak Up

  • I Can Speak Up

    Sarah Levete

    Library Binding (Copper Beech, March 1, 2002)
    Provides strategies for handling feelings of shyness, embarassment, or nervousness in situations like public speaking and making new friends.
  • Speak Up

    Sarah Levete, Mary Lonsdale

    Hardcover (Franklin Watts Ltd, Feb. 28, 2002)
    I Can Speak Up looks at shyness and self-esteem. It is structured around six personal stories that children will recognize and relate to, such as feeling shy during a performance or feeling frustrated when unable to master a new skill. In each section, a child narrates her/his experience and feelings, and talks about how he/she found a way of dealing with his/her emotions. Linked to each story are examples of other children who may have experienced the same feelings as the narrator for different reasons, along with guidance and strategies for understanding and living with these feelings. Though I Can Speak Up focuses on understanding emotions, it also touches on related issues such as bullying, racism and sibling rivalry.