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  • Synapse of Ash

    D. B. Goodin

    language (, Nov. 29, 2020)
    No sleep… No Hunger… No HopeThe Cyber Hunters are ComingTreeka and Meeka are genetic experiments that have gone rogue. Their cryogenic sleep is interrupted. Programmed for a task in another time the twin sisters look for relevance in a world with none. Haunted by memories of their long dead creator, the twins struggle to piece together clues to find meaning in a world where everyone is wants to use, or abuse them. The cyborgs become obsessed with looking for clues why their creator abandoned them.Their quest leads them to a powerful Artificial Intelligence that holds the secrets of the origin of the twins. Soon the AI sends them on a mission that threatens to destroy all humans. A gifted hacker discovers the AI’s true intent and attempts to free the twins from the machine’s control. Will he be able to convince the twins that humanity is more friend than foe before it is too late?Find out in this exciting origin story of the Cyber Hunter Chronicles.