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  • Gregory Cool

    Caroline Binch

    Hardcover (Dial, Sept. 1, 1994)
    When he goes to visit his grandparents and his cousin on the island of Tobago, Gregory misses home at first, but as he gets to know both the island ways and his relatives, Gregory begins to enjoy himself.
  • Gregory Cool

    Caroline Binch

    Paperback (Frances Lincoln Children's Books, June 26, 2012)
    When Gregory wakes up on his first day in Tobago with his grandparents, his heart sinks. The food is strange, the sun too hot, his cousin Lennox is on another wave length, and there are none of the televisions, video games and other high-tech gadgets that a cool city-boy takes for granted. How Gregory adjusts to the strange culture, and learns to enjoy the lifestyle of the Caribbean is enchantingly told and illustrated by award-winning author Caroline Binch.
  • Gregory Cool

    Caroline Binch

    Paperback (Gardners Books, Sept. 30, 1997)
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  • gregory cool

    caroline binch

    Hardcover (Dial, Aug. 16, 1994)
    Gregory is an all-American boy who wears a baseball cap and sneakers. He has an eye opening experience when he visited relatives in Tobago. He can not get use to the food and the hot Caribbean air. Read to see how Gregory makes it through the next four weeks.
  • Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch

    Caroline Binch;

    Paperback (Frances Lincoln Children's Books, Aug. 16, 1800)
  • Read Write Inc. Comprehension: Module 6: Children's Books: Gregory Cool Pack of 5 Books

    Caroline Binch

    Paperback (Oxford University Press, USA, May 17, 2007)
    When Gregory wakes up on his first day in Tobago with his grandparents, his heart sinks. What happens when culture-shock, homesick Gregory encounters the full warmth of the Caribbean is told here with great realism and humour.