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  • Swamp

    Donald Silver, Patricia Wynne

    Paperback (McGraw-Hill Education, March 22, 1997)
    From bugs to birds. . .from mosses to manatees. . .a swamp is a complex ecosystem. But young readers won't be swamped during this amazingly accessible wade through a small square of wetlands, filled with exotic wildlife. Here is a fascinating look at the characteristics of swamp life. . .and the reasons why its survival is so important. Beautifully illustrated, with fun-to-do experiments and activities, a swamp field guide, and a picture-glossary index and resource list. From the One Small Square series, called "science education at its best" by Science Books and Films.
  • Swamp by Donald Silver


    Mass Market Paperback (McGraw-Hill Education, Feb. 22, 1826)