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  • The California Gold Rush:

    May McNeer

    Paperback (Random House Books for Young Readers, June 12, 1987)
    On January 24, 1848, James Marshall discovered a small nugget of gold in a stream near Sutter's Mill, California. Though he tried to keep it a secret, word spread through the country like wildfire. Before the year was out, the great American Gold Rush had begun. Here's a true-life story that re-creates a time when people from all walks of life dropped what they were doing and headed west with picks and shovels in the hope of finding riches--and added a brand-new chapter to our country's history.

    May McNeer

    Hardcover (Random House Books for Young Readers, Dec. 12, 1962)
    Traces the history of the gold rush in California including anecdotes about legendary characters and fabulous "strikes" of the mining camps.