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  • A Haunted Theft

    J A Whiting

    eBook (Whitemark Publishing, April 18, 2016)
    This is book 4 in the Lin Coffin series. While her cousin Viv attends a wished-for class on the craft of Nantucket lightship baskets, Lin Coffin visits the island's cultural museum's exhibition on the history of the woven baskets. Lin and island historian, Anton Wilson, arrive at the museum just as the staff discovers that a valuable item has gone missing.Lin and Viv, with the help of several others, work to solve the mystery of the theft, a murder, and why a Native American ghost appears to ask Lin for help.This story has ghosts and some mild paranormal elements.
  • The Haunted

    Jessica Verday

    eBook (Simon Pulse, Aug. 31, 2010)
    An impossible truth. An impossible love. After a summer spent reclaiming her sanity and trying to forget the boy she fell in love with--the boy who must not exist, cannot exist, because she knows that he is dead--Abbey returns to Sleepy Hollow, ready to leave the ghosts of her past behind. She throws herself into her schoolwork, her perfume-making, and her friendship with Ben, her cute and funny lab partner, who just might be her ticket to getting over Caspian once and for all. But Abbey can never get over Caspian, and Caspian has no choice but to return to her side, for Caspian is a Shade, and Abbey is his destiny. They are tied not only to each other, but also to the town of Sleepy Hollow, and to the famous legend that binds their fates--a legend whose dark truths they are only beginning to guess....“Spectacular! The Hollow keeps you reading from beginning to end without coming up for air.” --L.J. Smith, bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries and Night World
  • The Haunted

    Danielle Vega

    Hardcover (Razorbill, June 4, 2019)
    ONE OF ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY'S "BIGGEST AND BEST YA BOOKS OF THE SUMMER"From Danielle Vega, YA's answer to Stephen King, comes a new paranormal novel about dark family secrets, deep-seated vengeance, and the horrifying truth that evil often lurks in the unlikeliest of places.Clean slate. That's what Hendricks Becker-O'Malley's parents said when they moved their family to the tiny town of Drearfield, New York. Hendricks wants to lay low and forget her dark, traumatic past. Forget him. But things don't go as planned. Hendricks learns from new friends at school that Steele House--the fixer upper her parents are so excited about--is notorious in town. Local legend says it's haunted. But Hendricks isn't sure if it's the demons of her past haunting her ...or of the present. Voices whisper in her ear as she lays in bed. Doors lock on their own. And, then, one night, things take a violent turn. With help from the mysterious boy next door, Hendricks makes it her mission to take down the ghosts . . . if they don't take her first.
  • The Haunted Camera

    Drac Von Stoller

    language (Drac Von Stoller, May 22, 2012)
    Delbert Gray was an amateur photographer with a hunger for fame. The camera Delbert used was a cheap Kodak instamatic. You can see why Delbert dreamed of owning a Nikon like his rich friend Michael. Michael would let his friend Delbert develop his pictures in his dark room while he was developing his own. Delbert really envied Michael's photographs and would often close his eyes and day dream about being a famous photographer some day. Delbert was only fifteen years old. He wasn't old enough to get a job like his friend Michael and bring in a big paycheck.As Michael was puffing on his cigarette in the dark room developing his film beside Delbert, Michael would often make remarks about Delbert's photographs and tell him if he wants to take pictures like him he needs to throw that cheap camera in the trash and buy one like his. Delbert replied with a lump in his throat "You know I don't have a job and my parents wouldn't even consider buying me a camera such as yours." Michael replied back saying, "You know something Delbert, either you get a good quality camera or I'm going to ask you to stop developing your photographs in my dark room. Your photographs are pathetic."Delbert answered back in a sad tone of voice, "That wasn't a very nice thing to say to your friend.""I know, but it’s the truth and sometimes the truth hurts," exclaimed Michael."Well let me tell you something Michael, I'm going to own a camera like yours someday and when I do you'll be jealous of me," said Delbert in a stern voice.Morning came and Delbert wiped the remaining tears from his cheeks. Delbert took a deep breath and said a prayer. Delbert decided instead of lying in bed all day sulking about why his friend Michael would be saying I told you so. Delbert got dressed and grabbed an apple from the kitchen and a soda headed down the road on foot in search of that special camera. As Delbert was walking around the town square he came across an Antique shop that had an old bellows camera in the display window. Delbert said to himself, "If I could just have that camera I bet it would take better pictures than Michael's." Delbert slumped over with tears again flowing down his cheeks knowing in reality there was no way he could afford such a beautiful camera. Just as Delbert was walking past the Antique shop, an old man opened the door and came up to Delbert and said, "I noticed you were looking at that old camera in the window as if it belonged to you." Delbert answered, "Yes, Sir, I was only wishing. I knew in my heart I could not afford such a beautiful camera. Besides, I don't even have a job or any money to give you and my father told me the only way I could buy a new camera was to get a job next year. By that time your camera would be gone and I would be heartbroken once more. Well I better be on my way, because if I don't get home soon my dad is going to whoop me.""Not so fast!” the old man said in a tender voice. I've never had anyone come by my shop and want any of my antiques like you have. I tell you what if you really want the camera it’s yours to keep. Don't worry about the money your money is no good to me. There's only one condition. Bring me a copy of the photos you take. I have a scrap book that I would like to place them in. That's all I ask of you. What do you say?"Delbert answered back eagerly, "Yes, Sir, Delbert started crying because his prayer had been answered.Delbert should have known that nothing is free in this world and why would this old man give such a rare and expensive antique to this little. I think something is wrong with this picture.
  • The Haunting

    Caroline Burkey

    eBook (, Aug. 14, 2020)
    Alex and her family move into their new home in a new city. Little do they know the house has a haunted history. Strange things start to happen and one member of her family is in danger.Does Alex have what it takes to stop the evil in her house or will she and her family be the next victims of the haunting?
  • The Haunted Camp

    Elizabeth Shumka, Christine Shumka, Anastasia Shumka

    language (, Aug. 23, 2017)
    Lauren should have been excited about going to camp at idyllic Lake Odina in the remote mountains of Montana, but as soon as she arrives she hears a strange wailing sound coming from the lake that no one else can hear. Lauren has the ability to see ghosts, and she senses an overwhelming evil that seems to pervade the camp.With the help of her best friend John, Lauren investigates the strange sounds and paranormal activity that haunt the camp. Unfortunately, some would prefer that long buried secrets remain lost forever, and Lauren must be very careful or she might become lost forever herself.
  • The Haunted Hotel

    Wilkie Collins

    eBook ( Road, May 12, 2020)
    The mysterious death of an English lord in Venice haunts the living in this nineteenth-century gothic novel by the author of The Woman in White.Agnes Lockwood was devastated when her fiancé, Lord Montbarry, broke off their engagement to marry Countess Narona. But she was even more devastated to learn of Montbarry’s death in Venice not long thereafter. A rundown palazzo would not only be the last stop on the newlyweds’ continental tour, but also the lord’s final resting place. Though it was confirmed that Montbarry died of natural causes, the life insurance policy favoring the countess certainly raised suspicion. And what of their servant who mysteriously disappeared? Years later, the palazzo has been remodeled into a fashionable hotel. But when Agnes and Montbarry’s brother Henry Westwick arrange to stay there, the grim history of the place makes itself known in a series of hauntings. As these occurrences lead to revelations, Agnes and Henry wonder if they are being haunted by a ghost—or a crime.
  • Haunted

    James Patterson, James O. Born

    Hardcover (Little, Brown and Company, Sept. 18, 2017)
    Detective Michael Bennett and his family are ready to escape New York for a vacation in Maine-but a shocking scene deep in the woods reveals a dark world of drugs and murder.Haunted by guilt and shame, Michael Bennett is living with a father's worst nightmare. Reeling from a crisis that would destroy lesser families, the Bennetts escape New York for a much-needed vacation. But it turns out the brochures don't tell the full story; the seemingly perfect community has a deadly vice.When local cops uncover a grisly crime scene buried deep in the woods, they consult the vacationing Bennett, who jumps at the chance to atone for his own sins. But far from the city streets he knows so well, no one will talk to the big-city detective, and the bodies keep piling up.A young and forgotten girl is the closest thing Bennett has to a partner in his frantic hunt for the ghostlike perpetrator behind the violence. Will Bennett and his unlikely ally unmask the culprit before anyone else winds up haunted?
  • The Haunted

    J.A. Templeton, Julia Templeton

    language (Julia Templeton, Jan. 8, 2012)
    After battling a malevolent ghost that held the spirit of her friend Ian MacKinnon bound to the land for two hundred years, sixteen-year-old reluctant psychic, Riley Williams, felt as if she was finally easing into her new life in Scotland.Or so she thought.Laria, the spirit of the witch who had cursed Ian wants revenge for Riley’s interference and she’s bringing along friends—dark entities who thrive on evil.The one bright spot in Riley’s world is Ian’s descendent, Kade MacKinnon, who could easily be Ian’s modern day twin. The parallels between the two guys are undeniable. As Riley’s relationship with Kade blossoms, she begins to realize Laria has grown in her power since their last confrontation—a power that could very well manipulate the living just as effectively as the dead.Please note: THE HAUNTED is a mature YA. Due to strong language, mention of alcohol and drug use, cutting, and sexual content, it is not recommended for younger teens.THE MACKINNON CURSE series:The Deepest CutThe HauntedThe DepartedThe MacKinnon Curse (The Beginning) novella
  • The Haunted Hot Rod

    Jennifer Liberts, Marco Gervasio, Massimo Rocca

    Hardcover (Golden/Disney, July 31, 2018)
    A Halloween-themed Little Golden Book based on the hit Disney Junior show Mickey and the Roadster Racers!It's Halloween, and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and the rest of the gang are ready for the Hot Dog Hills Halloween race! They're dressed in costumes--and so are their roadsters! But who is fast enough--and brave enough--to beat the Haunted Hot Rod? Children ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book, which retells an episode of the Disney Junior show Mickey and the Roadster Racers. In Mickey and the Roadster Racers, more story takes place off the road than on it! With each new adventure the gang faces, it's up to Mickey to use his wits and ingenuity to save the day.
  • The Haunted Bridge

    Carolyn Keene

    Hardcover (Grosset & Dunlap, Jan. 1, 1938)
    Mr. Drew is on the trail of an international ring of jewel thieves and asks Nancy to assist him. The trail leads to a summer resort area. Before Nancy has a chance to start work on her father’s case, a golf caddy tells her a frightening tale--in the dense woods nearby is an old wooden footbridge guarded by a ghost! Intrigued by the caddy’s story, Nancy decides to investigate. Several riddles confront the young detective as she attempts to solve the mystery of the haunted bridge and track down a woman suspected of being a key member of the gang of jewel thieves.
  • The Haunted House

    Paul Hutchens, Aimee Lilly, Oasis Audio

    Audiobook (Oasis Audio, April 23, 2019)
    Way up on a hill on Old Man Paddler's property stands an old house that many people think is haunted. A late night raccoon hunt with dogs from Circus's dad helps the gang get to the bottom of the mystery. What will the boys discover in the dark attic of the haunted house? Reflect with Bill on the meaning of the Bible verse "...absent from the home with the Lord." The Sugar Creek Gang series chronicles the faith-building adventures of a group of fun-loving, courageous Christian boys. These classic stories have been inspiring children to grow in their faith for more than five decades. More than three million copies later, children continue to grow up relating to members of the gang as they struggle with the application of their Christian faith to the adventure of life. Now that these stories have been updated for a new generation, you and your child can join in the Sugar Creek excitement.