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Books with title Shadow the Deer

  • The Shadow

    Hans Christian Andersen

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct. 2, 2012)
    Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author, fairy tale writer, and poet noted for his children's stories. These include "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," "The Snow Queen," "The Little Mermaid," "Thumbelina," "The Little Match Girl," and "The Ugly Duckling." During his lifetime he was acclaimed for having delighted children worldwide, and was feted by royalty. His poetry and stories have been translated into more than 150 languages. They have inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets, and animated films. -wikipedia
  • The Shadow War

    Stephanie Flint

    language (Infinitas Publishing, March 16, 2017)
    Though a shadow is as good as a ghost, with no free will to speak of, they may still be saved...The kingdom of Cirena is under attack from an army of shadows—beings who can only be hurt by magic or fire. Magic has been stolen, and as the shadows spread, infecting all they touch, the last two ribbon mages race to the nearest port city to warn them of the impending invasion.One of those mages, Toranih, is among the few who can see the Trickster-cursed army, and she’s determined to get magic back—no matter how much she distrusts it. When she is captured by shadows and a dark secret is revealed about her future, her best friend, Daernan, is left to defend the city. But his only methods of stopping the shadows are by fire and the devastating magic of the shodo'charl.With the knowledge that the shadows are innocent townsfolk forced to do a warlord's bidding, Daernan must choose between saving the shadows or saving those who have not yet turned.This is a 55,000-word novel. Book Two of The Wishing Blade series.
  • The Shadow


    Paperback (PUFFIN, )
  • The Shadow Man

    David Budd

    language (Otranto House, April 24, 2020)
    When teenager Stephen Banks meets Faith Loxley on a night out, he finds himself drawn into the small community of travellers to which Faith and her twin brother Thomas belong. It is a very different way of life to the one Stephen knows and wants to escape from, but there are stranger revelations to come.Since childhood, Faith and Thomas have been aware of a hidden side to Nature. As they have grown older this awareness has darkened, leaving them feeling cast out from the world around them. When Thomas accepts the help of a gruff, old man he meets at a nearby stone circle, he is tricked and instead falls prey to a demonic power that slowly takes him over.When tragedy strikes, Faith and Stephen attempt to uncover the cause. For Stephen this leads him on a terrifying journey into the realm of elemental forces where he learns the shocking truth of Faith’s and Thomas’s power. Faith meanwhile, torn between the human and superhuman sides of her nature, finally confronts the evil that has possessed her brother and is reaching out to claim her too: a demon long since forgotten from their childhood called the Shadow Man.
  • The Shadow

    A. J. Rasmussen, Pete Laxalt

    language (, May 23, 2013)
    Clay Sweet's brilliant, yet troubled, childhood friend, Ava Munson, discovers a way to rearrange and transport matter for her science fair project. But a dreadful mistake traps Ava in the transporter and transforms her into something inhuman. In her new form, the now arrogant and egotistical Ava seeks revenge for the murder of her parents’ years before in a botched robbery. Can Clay and his new friend, Darius, stop Ava's vigilantism and return her to her former self before the FBI trap her and lock her away in infinity - forever?The Strange Creature series of novellas are quick, exciting reads that will have young adults coming back for more.
  • The Silver Shadow

    Frank W. Boreham

    Paperback (Independently published, April 23, 2018)
    A collection of essays by F. W. Boreham. Boreham wrote more than 50 books and has been hailed as one of the greatest Christian essayists of all time. His work has been praised in recent days by Billy and Ruth Graham, Ravi Zacharias, and Warren Wiersbe. While almost all of his works are rare and out of print, some selling for hundreds of dollars, we are working to make more of them available through the Kindle store for modern readers. "Of the books that have played the greatest role in molding me, I count many volumes by especially one writer: F. W. Boreham. He authored more than fifty books of essays and pastored congregations in New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia. He was not the classical preacher, not even a profound, deep preacher, but he was marvelous at seeing beauty in the simple things of life. He heeded John Wesley's charge to young preachers to blend simplicity with sublimity, 'the strongest sense in the plainest language." —Ravi Zacharias
  • The Poe Shadow

    Matthew Pearl

    eBook (Vintage Digital, Oct. 31, 2011)
    Baltimore, 1849. The body of Edgar Allan Poe has been buried in an unmarked grave. The conclusion that Poe was a second-rate writer who died a drunkard is accepted by all. But none of this deters Quentin Clark, an ardent admirer who risks his own career and reputation in a passionate crusade to salvage Poe's.Clark discovers that Poe's last days are riddled with vital unanswered questions. But just when Poe's death looks destined to remain a mystery, Quentin seeks out the one person who can solve this strange case: the real-life model for Poe's brilliant fictional detective character, C. Auguste Dupin.Having successfully recruited the man he believes to have inspired Poe's Dupin, Clarke is confronted by another claiming to be the true model. The two master detectives each seek to prove he is the real 'Dupin' by solving the mystery of Poe's death. Clark finds himself enmeshed in sinister machinations involving international political agents, a female assassin, the corrupt Baltimore slave trade and the lost secrets of Poe's final hours. With his own future hanging in the balance, he must turn master investigator himself to unchain his now imperilled fate from that of Poe.
  • The Red Shadow

    Paul Dowswell

    Paperback (Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books, May 8, 2014)
    Russia, 1940. 15-year-old Misha's life is about to transform when his father is offered a job in Stalin's inner circle. They move into a luxurious apartment in the Kremlin, but doubts about the glorious new Russia quickly surface. Misha realises that the secret police can do whatever they like. His own mother is arrested and sent to prison, but Misha and his father daren't complain. Then as German troops advance on Moscow, the atmosphere in the Kremlin ignites. Misha and a friend find themselves at the heart of a battle against the mighty state in this powerful evocation of one of the most turbulent places and periods of the 20th century.
  • The Shadow Dogs

    Peggy McLain

    eBook (, March 19, 2018)
    From across the ocean to the Carolina Mountains comes a boy and his faithful yellow dog. Set in Colonial frontier times John is no stranger to adversity. Join John in a tangled web of lies and deceit, as he fights to survive while seeking his destiny. As John's adventure unfolds, see him struggle with his own inner demon, fight in the Battle of King's Mountain, and discover his connection to the mystical Shadow Dogs. John's story is one of both joy and heartbreak that you'll never want to end
  • The Shadow War

    Lindsay Smith

    eBook (Philomel Books, Oct. 13, 2020)
    Inglourious Basterds meets Stranger Things in this dark and thrilling tale of power, shadow, and revenge set during World War II.World War II is raging, and five teens are looking to make a mark. Daniel and Rebeka seek revenge against the Nazis who slaughtered their family; Simone is determined to fight back against the oppressors who ruined her life and corrupted her girlfriend; Phillip aims to prove that he's better than his worst mistakes; and Liam is searching for a way to control the portal to the shadow world he's uncovered, and the monsters that live within it--before the Nazi regime can do the same. When the five meet, and begrudgingly team up, in the forests of Germany, none of them knows what their future might hold.As they race against time, war, and enemies from both this world and another, Liam, Daniel, Rebeka, Phillip, and Simone know that all they can count on is their own determination and will to survive. With their world turned upside down, and the shadow realm looming ominously large--and threateningly close--the course of history and the very fate of humanity rest in their hands. Still, the most important question remains: Will they be able to save it?
  • The Deadly Shadow

    Richard Brightfield

    Paperback (Skylark, June 1, 1985)
    The reader, an undercover operative for the Special Security Agency, is given the mission to track down the lethal Dimitrius, a human time bomb
  • The Deadly Shadow

    Daniel Meyer

    eBook (Daniel Meyer, April 14, 2015)
    The Deadly Shadow is a fairy tale for children with pictures about an adventure of a boy and his friends. The story is written by a 7 year old boy.Read this book and travel with Daniel and his friends on their journey!