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  • Shadow the Deer

    Theresa Radcliffe, John Butler

    Paperback (Puffin, Aug. 1, 1995)
    Depicts the relationship of a fawn and its mother as they survive in a dangerous world full of hungry enemies, in particular a fox concerned about feeding her own babies
  • Shadow of the Seer

    Michael Scott Rohan

    eBook (Gateway, Nov. 28, 2013)
    The Winter Chronicles record many tales of the folk who fled out of the west seeking refuge from the spreading dominion of the Ice. The savage, soulless warriors had destroyed the ancient civilisations, and all that survived was legend. Among those legends is the extraordinary story of Alya, a seer's son. Still struggling to control the magic he has inherited from his father, Alya is cast adrift in a hostile land. With nothing left to lose, he embarks on a quest - to avenge the slaughter of his kin, and to rescue the girl he loves. It is a quest that will lead Alya through a world in turmoil - a world of magic and ice.
  • The Shadow

    A.G. Porter

    eBook (, Dec. 29, 2013)
    Rayna Stone is an eighteen-year-old girl from a small Alabama town that just wants to save a little money for college. In order to do that she has to find a summer job. The problem with that, the only place that is willing to take her is the upscale golf resort of The Landing. This was not her idea of a summer job, being around snobby, rich folks, but when she meets eyes with the owner’s son, Liam, she starts to see the brighter side of things. That is until she’s seeing things that she can’t quite explain and having dreams that are haunted by a being she calls The Shadow. The Shadow begins to show her things about a few missing girls, that she wished she had never seen. Another chilling fact, her dreams seem to be coming true. As if that isn’t enough, she learns that this ability of hers gives her an insight into what others around her are feeling. Soon after this, Rayna learns that Liam does feel something for her, but even though she wants to tell him she feels the same, something is warning her to stay away. Not because he is dangerous, but because she is.
  • The Shadow Fox

    H. K. Varian

    language (Simon Spotlight, Jan. 31, 2017)
    A new threat is lurking in the shadows in the electrifying fifth novel of The Hidden World of Changers series!Fiona, Mack, Gabriella, and Darren are Changers, a magical line of shapeshifters that can transform into mythological creatures, from werewolves and selkies to lightning birds and spirit foxes. It’s spring break in Willow Cove, and Mack, Gabriella, Darren, and Fiona are going on a class trip to Wyndemere Academy, a boarding school just for Changers! The kids are excited to learn more about the Changer world and to compete in the Youngling Games, a sporting event held each spring. But while Gabriella trains for the Games, Fiona camps out in the library, and Darren learns more about his powers, something is following Mack. He keeps catching a glimpse of a fox—a kitsune like him—with gleaming golden fur. Little does Mack know that the kitsune has a message for him, and nothing will stop her from delivering it.
  • The Shadows

    Jacob Crawford

    language (Ravenhart Press, Nov. 17, 2017)
    After a traumatic year, sixteen-year-old Roz is excited to move to Las Vegas, longing for the fresh start it will bring her and her father. Instead, she gets her possessions rearranged and ghosts chasing her from her home. While her father believes she’s having stress-induced hallucinations, Roz knows something more sinister is at play. With the help of her cousin, neighbor, and a pair of amateur paranormal investigators, she sets out to take on the specters herself.But the deeper she digs, the more terrified she becomes. The supernatural activity plaguing her increases, and with it comes new and terrifying threats. She finds an old journal from her troubled mother, and within its pages are revealed terrible truths: Worlds that exist beyond ours, mysterious powers she possesses, and dangerous beings that will kill her for these abilities. Determined to stop the shadows from overtaking her world, Roz and her friends will put a stop to the looming darkness, or die trying.
  • The Shadow Seeker

    Vanessa Gray Bartal, Rebecca Tocheff

    eBook (Vanessa Gray Bartal, Jan. 7, 2012)
    Gideon has disappeared just when Zeke and Lily need their angel guard the most. Their lives have somehow turned into a nonstop action movie with daring rescue after daring rescue. A bruised and exhausted Lily can't understand why they're on their own, and she doesn't understand why so many missions are failing. As she struggles to hold on to her faith in the midst of chaos, an old enemy resurfaces. Lily is convinced that Caleb has a new sinister plot to take over her father's church, but no one believes her, not even Zeke. As she struggles to try and convince her friends of Caleb's guilt, her new youth pastor's son has his own evil designs on Emily. With trouble around every corner, and no help in sight, can Lily remain strong enough to do the job he's been given? Or will she give in to temptation and take the one thing she can't have?
  • The Shadow

    Hans Christian Andersen, Imagine Brothers, H.P. Paull

    language (Head and Heart, Jan. 3, 2016)
    “I have seen what no human being has the power of knowing, although they would all be very glad to know—the evil conduct of their neighbors. Had I written a newspaper, how eagerly it would have been read!”(from The Shadow)Hans Christian Andersen's literary classic tale with digitally remastered illustrations from the "Golden Age of Children's Literature".(Bonus: The True Story of My Life: A Sketch by Hans Christian Andersen (1847) Chapter III)
  • Shadow the Deer

    Theresa Radcliffe, John Butler

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, May 1, 1993)
    Depicts the relationship of a fawn and its mother as they survive in a dangerous world full of hungry enemies, in particular a fox concerned about feeding her own babies
  • The Shadow

    Hans Christian Andersen

    eBook (Dreamscape Media, Oct. 3, 2017)
    In this bleak fairytale, a kind and good-natured learned man on vacation sends his shadow to investigate a balcony across the street. When his shadow never returns, he notices that he has grown a new one and figures all is well. However, five years later, he meets his original shadow, and it is now corporeal—but it doesn’t share his principles. As the shadow grows in strength, the man weakens, raising the question of whether good always triumphs over evil.
  • The Shadow

    Margery Tauriainen, Annie Penland

    Paperback (BOCH Publishing LLC, Jan. 15, 2019)
    It’s never too soon to unlock the knowledge within.The Shadow approaches emotions associated with feelings of loss.The main character approaches emotions wrapped up in the perception of abandonment with a pure sense of brave curiosity.In truth, those we love most sometimes choose to go away for reasons that we don’t immediately understand.However, we can choose to accept responsibility for our own feelings, and choose to understand our loved one’s point of view.The true self recognizes an unexpected opportunity for personal growth.Of course, this involves turning to our shadow place, the place we mostly prefer to avoid.Yet, the shadow is the only place we can go with the intention of facing and honoring our pain.Accepting and embracing this pain as an integral part of our inherent wholeness, revealing the path towards genuine happiness.Enjoy this beautifully illustrated journey of hope, self-acceptance, and healing.Be inspired to embrace your shadow!
  • The Shadow

    Kathi Daley

    (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, June 1, 2017)
    Alyson is jogging along waters edge when the fog rolls in. She can feel someone watching her but no matter how hard she looks her shadow cannot be seen. When she witnesses a man pushing a woman off the cliff onto the rocks below, she calls the police only to learn that the body of the victim cannot be found. Alyson is certain that she actually did see the murder occur and cannot explain the missing victim so she launches into an investigation with the help of friends Mac and Trevor. Meanwhile the feeling of being watched intensifies. She is certain someone is watching her. When Chan warns her of danger in the shadows she knows deep in her gut that the men she is running from have found her. Find out what happens in this fast paced murder mystery with a surprising twist you won't see coming.
  • The Silver Shadow

    Frank W. Boreham

    eBook (Pioneer Library, Feb. 20, 2015)
    A collection of essays by F. W. Boreham. Boreham wrote more than 50 books and has been hailed as one of the greatest Christian essayists of all time. His work has been praised in recent days by Billy and Ruth Graham, Ravi Zacharias, and Warren Wiersbe. While almost all of his works are rare and out of print, some selling for hundreds of dollars, we are working to make more of them available through the Kindle store for modern readers."Of the books that have played the greatest role in molding me, I count many volumes by especially one writer: F. W. Boreham. He authored more than fifty books of essays and pastored congregations in New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia. He was not the classical preacher, not even a profound, deep preacher, but he was marvelous at seeing beauty in the simple things of life. He heeded John Wesley's charge to young preachers to blend simplicity with sublimity, 'the strongest sense in the plainest language."—Ravi Zacharias