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  • Robots

    Gail Tuchman

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Dec. 29, 2015)
    The world is being taken over by robots! There are robots that build towers, make cars, flip pancakes and play football. There are robots that travel deep under water, far into space, and into the most extreme danger zones. Some walk like a human, others fly like a bee, or swim like a turtle, or run like a dog. In this Level 2 reader, young readers will discover different kinds of robots: how they work, the jobs they do, and what exciting things they might do in the future. The book uses simple text and full-color photographs throughout. With compelling themes, supporting facts, technical vocabulary, vivid maps and charts, and a variety of writing styles and text structures, Scholastic Discover More Readers are tailored to the new era of high expectations. The unique informational text reading levels have been developed and vetted by Scholastic reading experts.
  • Robot

    DK, Lucy Rogers

    Hardcover (DK Children, Sept. 18, 2018)
    From mechanical automata to modern-day androids, explore more than 100 robots and discover how they work, who made them, and how they affect the lives of humans around the world. From drones used in battle to robot helpers taking care of hospital patients, Robot shows how robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming part of everyday life. Each robot, including service robots packing food and rescue robots finding people after a disaster, has its own profile to explain its features and uses. The book is divided into clear sections by the jobs a robot might do, so it’s easy to compare and find out about robots from different areas of science and life. There are also focused articles on specific features of robotics, such as the ability to learn, which will help you learn more about the technology behind these fascinating machines.Packed with vibrant graphics and a mind-bending array of information, this book makes one thing clear: the robot revolution is here to stay!
  • Robots

    Clive Gifford, Frank Picini

    Hardcover (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, June 17, 2008)
    WHAT'S THAT STIRRING AND WHIRRING? Robots have left the lab and are on the move, discovering sunken treasure, traveling deep into space, and venturing inside raging infernos. Read about the real-life robots that are mowing our lawns, spying on us, saving lives, and doing what humans cannot -- dealing with deadly poisons and explosive devices! But that's not all. You'll learn about what might be in store with advances in artificial intelligence, robots that are learning to mimic human emotions, and even half-human, half-robot cyborgs. Could a robot rebellion occur in the future? Will nanorobots be so small that a thousand of them could hide behind a pinhead? From giant car-crushing machines to the latest microbots working inside the human body, this is the complete guide to the exciting world of robotics.
  • Robots

    Mark Bergin

    Library Binding (Powerkids Pr, Sept. 1, 2008)
    Provides step-by-step instructions on drawing different types of robot, including flying robots, land walkers, and mutant robots.
  • Robots

    Kenneth William Gatland, David Jeffries, David Jefferis

    Paperback (Educational Development Corporation, Sept. 15, 1979)
  • Robots!

    jc 5, rick mayfield

    Full of original photos of original robots, this book full of pictures does not disappoint the robot enthusiast in your life! Large color photos inspire and jump start imaginations! ( no robots were harmed in the making of this book)
  • Robots

    Maggie Rosier, Steve Porter

    Library Binding (Express, Jan. 1, 2013)
    If emotionless monotones are all that come to mind when you think of robots, it's time to rewire your motherboard. Open this book and let the renegade robots within inspire you to build your own high-tech humanoids.
  • Robots

    Cody Crane

    Paperback (Children's Press, Sept. 1, 2017)
    Learn how robots are improving our lives today, what robots might be able to do in the future, and more.Robots used to be something found mainly in science fiction stories. But today, these incredible machines have become a part of everyday life for countless people around the world. Readers (Grades 3-5) will find out how the earliest robots were invented and how robot technology has improved over time.
  • Robots

    Clive Gifford

    Hardcover (Kingfisher, Oct. 24, 2003)
    Robots are everywhere: in the movies, on TV, in space, in games. This book will bedazzle children with possibilities -- all accompanied by detailed photos, illustrations, explanations, and activities.
  • Robots

    Peter Marsh

    Hardcover (Crescent, July 27, 1985)
    A look at the high process technology behind the super intelligent mechanical devices in industry with reports on current research being conducted to extend the robot's capabilities
  • Robobots

    Matt Novak

    Hardcover (DK CHILDREN, March 15, 1999)
    When the Robobots move onto Littlewood Lane, they create controversy with their strange ways, but eventually they convince the neighbors that they are a family worth knowing. By the author of Mouse TV.
  • Robots

    Kate Riggs

    Hardcover (Creative Education, Jan. 1, 2020)
    In a world permeated by technology, we sometimes struggle to keep pace with an ever-changing landscape. With historical and full-color photographs complementing documentary texts, Odysseys in Technology invites advanced readers along on a journey to experience the development of key technological innovations like never before. These titles feature a sophisticated design peppered with arresting photographs that illustrate important scientific principles, contributions of notable individuals and companies, common applications of the technology, and influential figures poised to lead the field into the future. Side panels, colored callouts, and primary-source quotations assist in making the text accessible to a wide range of learners.