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  • Pirate's Vengeance

    LJ Andrews

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 22, 2017)
    Launi Kingdom is built on floating islands full of wonderful adventures for eighteen-year-old Nova. But when her father is kidnapped by sky pirates, her carefree days are over. Armed with her father's leather bag, and old pirate seal, and a mysterious jeweled dagger found in the wall of her home, Nova sets out to find the legendary Captain Phoenix. Only a man such as him could bargain for her father's safe return. But before she can reach Captain Phoenix, her ship is attacked by pirates and Nova is forced to join the crew or die. Now she must survive the riotous crew for her father's sake. Soon she finds there is more to the jeweled dagger and herself--something dangerous. Nova must unravel her family's secrets before a dark power overtakes her, or her father will be lost forever and she'll become what she fears most. A pirate.